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Homeward Bound
ARC 2011 Gran Canaria to St Lucia
me of course
22 February 2012 | Atlantic-Caribbean
Wow! Time sure flies by it has been over two months since we made it across the Atlantic, albeit second last in the Rally and there hasn’t been much thought of adding or updating the blog. In fact we apparently got so wrapped up in preparations we forgot to post some of our travel. We left Lanzarote and made it to Gran Canary and Las Palmas harbor in one long day. Having registered and moved into a berth (right next to a boat with all girl crew from an organization called “Girls for Sail” ) we settled into the panic mode about getting all the last minute repairs and equipment installed, going to parties, shopping for provisions, and finding some crew. On the 20th of November in the company of 224 other yachts we set off across the Atlantic bound for St Lucia in the Caribbean.
After arriving on December 15 we spent another 10 days at the Rally festivities and tasting the Island life a bit then we left the boat at Rodney Bay Marina on St Lucia and flew back to Corpus on the 26th of December and returned to Integrity (February 15th to fix all those little glitches that occurred during our crossing, do maintenance, clean off the bottom, and re-provision. We are still at Rodney Bay and anticipate being here at least until the 24th or 25th to accomplish what needs doing, Island time you know, nothing in a hurry, could take longer. I had thought that after leaving the Middle East my world would change and when a service person said “I’ll be there at nine” you would actually see them very near “nine” Hah! Here Island time is just assumed and they don’t even say “I’ll be there man Yana” or “Inshala” (Arabic for “God willing and the creek don’t rise”), oh well? But all in all they are warm friendly people and most seem to be genuinely happy most all the time.
It is warmer (mid 80’s) and more humid here now than in December but still pleasant enough and it does cool down well enough at night to be comfortable without air conditioning. It is the season for a little rain to fall most days and nights, mostly doesn’t fall for more than five or ten minutes and then that cloud blows by, haven’t seen lightening or heard thunder but there have been some pretty impressive Rainbows (still looking for that pot of gold especially now at $1800 an ounce!). Next we plan to start Island hopping back to Corpus beginning with a stop in Martinique. This will hopefully be a “no hurry” cruise with frequent stops for days at a time rather than trying to cover distance fast as you can. The general plan is to reach Corpus in June or maybe July before the Gulf Hurricane season heats up.
Today, the 22d, is Independence day so there are parades, and even one of the British Princes is here for the celebration, not sure which one. Seems ironic the St Lucians would want British Royalty here after they gained independence from Britain, but as I said these are generally happy go lucky people so maybe it didn’t take them long to forgive and forget, or more sinister they want to subtlety rub the Brits noses in it? You can decide for yourself.
Internet is spotty to nonexistent when anchored out so blogging will be spotty at best also. We will try to post one more from here just before we leave.