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Interlude Travels South
Home Sweet Home
Cathie/Cloudy Temp 40
01/05/2011, Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point, VA

Hi All!

We made it! Home Sweet Home! Now for a hot shower and a hot toddie!

01/07/2011 | CORNING Townsend
Congrats! That snow and ice looks like no fun.
We miss you terribly this year. We so hoped to explore together. However, we will be ready next year and the sun will still go down every nite. Now that is somethng to look forward to.

Corn and Tita
01/07/2011 | Cathie
We might be in George Town March/April on SLOW DANCIN'. Maybe we can see you there!
01/08/2011 | Susie and Gene
This has been one tough cruise. We do recall those October and November northerlies without an enclosure--but JANUARY??? You guys are stronger than you know. Hope to see you somewhere warm soon.Hugs, S&G
Are we in Delaware?
Cathie/Cold and Sunny
01/05/2011, Norfolk Harbor

Looks like the Cape May-Lewes Ferry took a wrong turn. The DELAWARE was cruising Norfolk Harbor!

U.S.S. Cole
Cathie/Cold and Sunny
01/05/2011, Nofolk Harbor

The harbor was very busy this morning. About 10 tugs waiting for ships. Cargo Ships. War Ships. We saw the U.S.S. Cole coming into the harbor.

Sarah Creek or Bust!
Cathie/Cold and Cloudy
01/05/2011, enroute to Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point, VA

Hi All!

Yay! Because of delays due to all the ice we were crushing yesterday we didn't make the bridges on time yesterday. We had a chance to make the Gilmerton Bridge in Norfolk by the last opening at 3:30 pm before they closed it down until 5:30 pm. We made it in the nick of time! We were tied up at Waterside Marina in Norfolk before dark.

We have only seen a few sailboats on our trip home. All of them had no dodger or enclosure. Can't say I really get it. With temps in the 30's and sometimes lower, I can't imagine being out for a prolonged period of time in all of that. I guess they have the right weather gear on and that helps. They still look very cold with their red faces! All I can say is I hope I NEVER have to be cruising North Carolina and Virginia in January ever again! If I do, it will be in a power boat with an inside navagation station!

We are trying to get home today to Sarah Creek. The rest of the week the weather is ugly with rain and snow. Looks like it's away we go!

Hopefully my next post will be from the dock at York River Yacht Haven/Sarah Creek, Gloucester Point, Virginia. HOME!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by.

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.

Heading for Norfolk, VA
Cathie/Cold mostly overcast
01/04/2011, Cathie/Enroute to Norfolk

Hi All!

We made it off the dock at Coinjock, NC. There was just a think layer of ice on the water. Things were looking fine until we got near the North River and it was frozen in. We crushed our way through for awhile and luckily a tug came by the opposite direction and crushed the rest of the ice for us.

We had bald eagles who wanted to fly with us along the river. They would hang out in a tree, let us go past and then fly ahead to wait for us to catch up. They did this for at least a 1/2 hour or more. It was fun to watch. One was a mature eagle and the other was an immature eagle. Cool!

We are now hoping we can make it to the Gilmerton Bridge before it's last opening of the afternoon, which is 3:30 pm. We need to make 3 miles in 1/2 hour which with our boat is putting the pedal to the metal. If we don't make it, we have to find a place to anchor and wait for 2 hours. Wish us luck!

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.

01/04/2011 | Pat & Lorrie
GO GO GO! It's like the amazing race or something. Hope you get to the Bahamas.
s/v Godspeed
01/05/2011 | Cathie
It certainly felt like an amazing race! Made it to the bridge just in the nick of time! Tied up at Waterside. Now they are predicting snow so we only have tomorrow to make it home before the weather gets ugly. Wish us luck!
The Bahamas May Be Possible After All!
01/04/2011, Enroute to Norfolk, VA

Hi All!

We got an email from Rusty and Joy on Slow Dancin'. They need someone to bring their boat back from the Bahamas. We told them we would be glad to bring it back for them! Wow! I am so excited. We may finally see that gorgeous azure blue water after all! Hopefully we can spend some time with them in early March and then they will be on a plane for home. 2011 is already looking great!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by.

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.

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