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Interlude Travels South
Sailboat heading North
04/01/2011, Compass Cay

Sailboats are so beautiful especially when they are in azure blue water!

Compass Cay and Mustang Sally
04/01/2011, Compass Cay Exuma

Hi All!

Can't say enough about Compass Cay...the beautiful water, the friendly people, and the laid-back feeling you have here. I guess that's why so many mega-yachts come here. Right now Mustang Sally is here. She is beautiful and makes our boat feel really small!

Playing with the Sharks!
04/01/2011, Compass Cay

Hi All!

If you are at Compass Cay you have to get a picture of the nurse sharks they have a pets. Some are very large. They swim around waiting to be feed. They also like to be petted and will come up and if the tide is high enough they will come on the dock and wait to be petted! It's really a hoot!

04/06/2011 | CORNING Townsend
Hi good buddies. Sounds like you are headed north. Pretty chilly hear in Fernandina so don't rush it.

But when you do, have a safe and pleasant crossing. Miss you much.
Love Corn and Tita
Enjoying the Water
04/01/2011, Compass Cay Exuma

Hi All!

We have been enjoying Compass Cay. Their crescent beach is beautiful. It is a great swimming beach because there are no rocks, stones, etc. in the water. It's like a swimming pool except much better.

Here's a picture of me enjoying the water. Wish I could bring it home with me!

We are in Compass Cay

Hi All!

We are at my favorite Exuma island...Compass Cay. It is very laid back and the beach is beautiful. The people here are very friendly. I'm really enjoying our stay here.

Tomorrow we are on our way to the Exuma Land and Sea Park at Warderick Wells. Hopefully we will catch up with AVA RYAN Richard/Diane and SOLIARE Jim/Nancy. It should be fun! The park is very beautiful with many islands to snorkel, etc.

Then it will be probably on to Highbourne Cay and then Nassau...but that's still in the planning phase since Mother Nature has a big say in when we stay and when we can leave.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by.
Cathie on s/v SLOW DANCIN' OUT.

04/01/2011 | Janice and Harley (Blue Blazes)
Hi Guys, I can't believe I stumbled upon your blog! It looks like you have had a great winter once again. We so wish we could be out there with you.

04/01/2011 | Susie and Gene
I finally caught up with your blog and am thrilled to see you warm, happy, and rested. It looks especially wonderful as we woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning. gone now but still cold. Stay as long as you can and come to CT when it's warm this summer.
04/02/2011 | Cathie
Hi Blue Blazes! Hope all is going well with you guys. Glad to hear from you. Keep in touch!

Hi Susie and Gene! Good to hear from you. We are planning to go to Maine this year and hopefully stop in to see you too! Will be great to see you!
Mustang Sally's Other Transportation
04/01/2011, Compass Cay

When you need to get on and off your yacht, you just send for your float plane to pick you up and take you wherever you want to go. Rick of Mustang Sally took off in this sea plane directly next to us as we were heading out of the marina. Boys and their toys! What a life!

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