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Sailboat Aground Chub Cay
04/09/2011, Chub Cay, Bahamas

At our anchorage there is a sailboat aground and damaged. There must have been some high tides to push it so shallow. It is now up against very sharp limestone rock and has severe damage on the portside. The owner has a note on it that says he is still trying to get as much off of her as he can. Sad.

Tom wanted to Photo Shop the name Slow Dancin' on this sailboat picture and send it to Rusty and Joy. I'm not sure they would like the joke!

Chub Cay Ancorage
04/09/2011, Bahamas

This is our view from the boat looking toward to beach at Chub Cay.

Chub Cay Cottage
04/09/2011, Chub Cay, Bahamas

This is one of their smaller cottages.

Chub Cay
04/09/2011, Bahamas

Hi All!

We went from Nassau to Chub Cay today. We anchored outside of the Chub Cay Club. The marina was once very nice. They still have floating docks but the bank has taken it over and many things are closed. They started a project with pretty cottages around the marina and beach. It was stopped halfway through the project. Nothing has changed since last year. Sad.

Viola's and Miladys
04/08/2011, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

While at Viola's we had great fun with Miladys, our waitress, whose home country is Cuba. She wanted to give us salsa lessons but we are unfortunately heading out tomorrow.

I asked Miladys if I could take her picture. She asked the gals to join her. I need some work to look as "hot" as Miladys. Maybe it's just the clothes. Not!

Cricket and Ava Ryan
04/08/2011, Nassau, Bahamas

HI All!

We caught up with our cruising buddies Pam and Ben on CRICKET and Diane and Richard on AVA RYAN. They are at the Nassau Harbor Club with us.

We took a walk over to Paradise Island and had a casual dinner at VIOLA'S, a local beach bar.

Fun was had by all!

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