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Interlude Travels South
Waaa! The shuttle was scrubbed again!
04/29/2011, St. Augustine, FL

Hi All!

It was a beautiful day today...not too cold, not too hot, no clouds, and lots of sunshine...a perfect day for a shuttle launch. We got up early and checked to see if the shuttle was still a go. It was! So we got a rental car from Enterprise, picked up Richard and Diane/Ava Ryan and away we went. What could go wrong? We got over half-way back to Titusville and I got on the computer to see how things were going with the shuttle and found it was scrubbed...for at least 72 hours! Needless to say, none of us were happy campers!

We stopped at Ponce De Leon inlet (Lighthouse) and had a picnic lunch. Diane made delicious chicken salad sandwiches...the highlight of our shuttle trip!

This has been our 4th time we were in the area for the shuttle launch and didn't see it. Since it is one of the last ones, we were really psyched! Oh well...hopefully we will get another chance.

We had dinner with Richard and Diane at a tapas restaurant in St. Augustine and a walk around town. They were having a folk festival at 6 different venues. One of the venues was the we got to hear a few songs on our way home from dinner. Love this town!

We are heading to Fernandina Beach tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks for stopping by!

St. Augustine

We are having a good time walking around St. Augustine. Went to a market called Sewart's over the bridge. They have the BEST meats. Wish we would have bought more!

We had dinner aboard Slow Dancin' with Richard and Diane/Ava Ryan. A good time was had by all.

The view of the town by boat is amazing. It's beautiful both day and night. I always wanted to be one of the sailboats in the harbor here. Now we are!

Thanks for stopping by!

Daytona Beach to St. Augustine

Hi All!

We made it to St. Augustine today. Planning to stay a few days to wait out weather and then rent a car to go back to Titusville to see the shuttle launch.

We are on a mooring ball in the north side of the Bridge of Lions. We are here with Ava Ryan. In the picture the first row farthest from shore...Ava Ryan is the first boat with beige canvas and we are fifth boat in the row.

The weather is nice here but humid today.

We are planning to have dinner at OC White's as usual. I am still trying to get Tom to go to Harry's (Crystal and Eric's favorite restaurant) but so far I haven't been successful.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by!

Titusville and Daytona Beach

Yesterday we anchored near the Titusville Marina. We caught up with ole cruising buddies Gary and DeLyn on ISLAND DREAMIN' There were so many things to catch up on and so little time. Hopefully, we will have more time the next time we see them. We had a wonderful happy hour with them and our buds Diane and Richard/AVA RYAN. Afterwards, we had dinner aboard AVA RYAN. Then it was early to bed for an early wake up call today.

We are now enroute to Daytona Beach, FL where AVA RYAN will get her generator checked out and we will receive a package that needs to be processed, notarized and returned. So it will be a busy afternoon!

While in the Haulover Canal we saw three manatees swimming together. They are always fun to see. When we come out of the haulover canal you can see the shuttle launch pad very clearly. They are planning a shuttle launch on 4/29. We plan to drive back down to see it if it takes off on schedule. Outside of the haulover canal were lots of fishermen, dolphin, birds of all kinds...but we didn't see an alligator. We know they are there. On Cape Canaveral they have over 6,000 of them!

When we got to the Ponce de Leon Inlet we were greeted by more dophin to played right next to the boat for quite a while. They are so cool! Ya gotta love 'em!

We will go to St. Augstine next...but not sure which day as yet.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by.

Cathie aboard s/v SLOW DANCIN' OUT.

Vero Beach Marina, FL

Hi All!

We are here in Vero Beach on a mooring ball at Vero Beach City Marina. Right now we have our OWN mooring ball! Coming down in November/December all 50+ mooring balls are taken and they raft up two and three to a mooring ball.'s a much different feeling having own to yourself!

There is so much wildlife here. We have dolphins all around the boat. Small fish are jumping out of the water. It's raining pelicans!...well almost. We have about 6 pelicans who are going after the small fish and make a big splash as they hit the water. Seems like the fish are around our boat in particular so they are falling out of the sky right next to the boat. A green heron just flew by so close I could touch him. We woke up to birds chirping and a sunny day!

We took a long walk to the Post Office, and then had lunch at Mulligan's, and then took a long walk on the beach topped off with homemade ice cream at the park. Yum!

Life is good!

Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks for stopping by!

04/19/2011 | Susie and Gene
Hey , we remember having ice cream there when we were rafted with you. It's still cold here in New England. Glad to see you ended up having a good warm sailing winter and are coming s-l-ow-l-y north.
See you this summer
Harbortown Marina, Ft Pierce, FL

Hi All!

After a windy day yesterday, we came into Harbortown Marina. There were tons of boats in Palm Beach yesterday even though the wind was quite bad. Needless to say, we are happy to be further north where things are calmer and more sane. We made it to Harbortown Marina for the night.

We had a lovely dinner at their restaurant last night. Today we get the generator looked at and then it's on to Vero Beach to catch up with our buddies SOLITARE (Jim and Nancy) and AVA RYAN (Richard and Diane). They are supposed to be coming in from Nassau on Wednesday.

The people here at the marina are very nice and helpful. We would certainly come back here again!

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cathie onboard s/v SLOW DANCIN' OUT.

04/18/2011 | s/ v Godspeed
Ben Wachin you guys! Keep bloging!
04/19/2011 | Cathlene Dunn
Hi guys! Glad to see you are still wachin! Hope to see you guys when you get to our neck of the woods!

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