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Interlude Travels South
Cumberland's Life Oak Trees

The island is so beautiful with these large live oak trees to shade the paths.

Cumberland Lady

Ferry boat of St. Mary's, GA bringing homeowners, campers and tourists to the island.

Cumberland's Boardwalk

It makes it easier walking to the beach if you can find one of the boardwalks. The dunes are high and it looks like you are in a desert.

Cumberland's Wild Turkeys

Cumberland Island is home to wild turkeys, horses, raccoons, crabs, great horned owls, armadillos, peregrine falcons, least terns and other shore birds. Looks like the turkeys have the right of way here on the island!

Cumberland's Wild Horses

Cumberland Island is known for its wild horses. Here are a few. It's incredible to see them at full speed running down a road, beach or meadow. These two however enjoy hanging out at the Dungeness Dock!

Cumberland's Beach

Hi All!

We are in Cumberland Island, Georgia. The island is beautiful and nature is everywhere! Here's a picture of the beach here. It is very flat...there's no sharp drop offs like other beaches. It's certainly not crowded here!

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