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The Intrepid Seadog
The salty adventures of a canine first mate
Chipper does Nippers
Lots of sun and not enough shade
06/10/2008, Fishers Bay, Great Guana Cay

I am now officially a party animal. Today the Captain took me to Nippers Sunday Pig Roast of Great Guana Cay. There were people everywhere and I was the only dog there. All the girls kept saying I was so cute and asking the Captain if they could pick me up and pet me. The Captain said I was a chick magnet, and for a minute I started looking for chickens. There weren't any there.

There was a swimming pool and lots of people eating really good smelling food. We walked around through the crowds and people were almost stepping on me, but I didn't care because they were all dancing and dropping their food on the ground. I got pieces of pork, macaroni and cheese, and rice and beans. It was all really yummy -except for the salad.

Finally, when I had all the roast pig I could eat, the Captain put me up on a stool and I even got to drink a little beer in my bowl. It was pretty funny tasting! People kept coming by and petting me. Pretty soon everyone knew my name. The breeze was blowing, the beach was really pretty, and I decided I like being Chipper at Nippers, the party animal.

Check out the rest of my pictures in the gallery.

May the breeze always be full of good smells!


06/28/2008 | mike sproull
Wow,Lucky Dog!
Hanging out with sweet chicks AND drinking beer?....can it get any better?
I think not!
My dog,Casey,is green with envy!...or maybe it's just something he ate.
(cute blog)
06/28/2008 | Casey
My name is Casey,I came across your blog tonight and was quite surprised.Don't see blogging dogs anymore.
I thought we don't mess with stuff like that when we got important things to do like sniffing butts or chasing cars.

So,my friend,are you bored or what?

Mike doesn't let me run loose while he's at work and quite frankly,I'm at witts end filling my day til Mike gets home from work.
I started playing on his computer,he left it on one day before he took off.
He really doesn't mind sharing his computer with meI overheard him say he was looking for some bitches on-line
That Mike guy is a true friend
.He doesn't take me for walks very often anymore,says we're both getting a fat ass now.
So,gimmi the stats,what breed?,age?nutered?
I read the captain said you lift your leg,you must be a male.
I'm 9 years old,a bird hunter but my real calling is chasing fish.Do you have any interests or hobbies?
Any pups?
Write back,

08/25/2008 | Phoebe
Your SO cute! My mom and dad have a sailblog with my picture if you want to "check me out"! I'm the one driving. Our boat is HALEKAI, Portland, OR. My dad just left, I miss him. Guess mom will have to do...
Have fun! Wuff!
cool in the shade
05/25/2008, Green Turtle Cay

I'm in dog heaven! They've got chickens here! The only bad part is that the Captain keeps me on my leash and she won't let me chase them. I still try to chase them a little. When we see some I run to the end of my leash and bark and they run! It's a beautiful thing. And then when I'm all tired out from lunging at chickens, I can find a nice cool spot of grass in the shade of a boat. Life is good.

06/01/2008 | alex aranyi
This is so cute! Pat Grey told me about this and I would just like to say good luck on your sailing and have a great time with chip!! :)
It's tough being intrepid
Hot, hot, hot
05/21/2008, White Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Yahoo! We finally made it to someplace where the boat is still and we aren't sailing or moving all the time.

We had some really bad stuff happen while we were out sailing around. The worst thing was when we stopped on this deserted little island. At first I really liked it. I swam in the ocean and I ran up and down the beach so many times chasing birds that I nearly got lost. I almost caught a little one, too.

But then I decided to explore inland, and I ran up the sand dunes and into the forest and suddenly my whole body was on fire! This plant attacked me! It launched all these big sticky, prickly bombs at me and they wouldn't let go! I ran back to the Captain - well, I limped, and she took me back to the boat and tortured me for over an hour with scissors and she kept poking me with the plant things. It hurt so much, I'm embarrassed to say, I tried to bite her. But when it was all done and all of those awful things were gone, I licked her arm to tell her I was sorry.

Now we're in a place that has other dogs and restaurants and good grass and it's so cool I hope we can stay here forever! Something tells me though, that the Captain doesn't plan to stay anywhere too long.

May the wind always be full of good smells!


05/21/2008 | Patricia Gray
Chip, I really like your blog and the pictures of you are great! However, right now I could use your help. I'm eating popcorn and some of it is falling on the carpet. I need you to do your usual clean-up job!
05/21/2008 | Stephen Gray
Hey, Chipper! Sounds like you're keeping the Captain awake and on alert during your voyage. Good dog! But hey, take it easy on the meatballs - I hear they give you gas. . .
05/22/2008 | Snickers Hendricks
You're adorable, Chip! Even being a dog. You're lucky you don't puke. That's what I did as soon as I got out of the Intracoastal and into some wind. I put up a fuss and never sailed again. Stay out of those burrs.

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