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Adventures Aboard Osprey
Staying in Port Angeles till Monday
08/29/2010, Port Angeles

We docked in Port Angeles at 7pm yesterday and walked to town, where we ordered and ate huge amounts of food at Michael's Restaurant. It was the first time we'd walked further than about 20 feet at once in almost a month.

Today we're going to stay here, where we'll clean and de-offshore the boat (tasks such as removing lee cloths and jacklines, inflating dinghy). Then we'll return to our slip in Anacortes tomorrow (Monday).

Hawaii 2010
08/30/2010 | Aaron Maraschky
Welcome home guys!
Arrived in Neah Bay
08/28/2010, Strait of Juan de Fuca

We anchored in Neah Bay at 5:30 this morning. Cape Flattery to Neah Bay was blanketed by the thickest nighttime fog I hope to ever see. We hit all of our marks and found the Bay entrance without trouble using radar and GPS, and found a spot to anchor. We slept for a couple of hours, ate some breakfast, and went to the fuel dock. After some confusion by the dock employee over where to find the key to the pump, we refueled and are now headed to Port Angeles. At this point we're not sure whether we'll return to Anacortes on Sunday or Monday...depends on how late we get into Port Angeles today.

Hawaii 2010
08/28/2010 | carol
Welcome home, guys.
Return trip -- day 24
08/27/2010, 48 12' N, 125 32' W

The updated plan is looks like we'll arrive in Neah Bay early Saturday morning. We'll wait for the fuel dock to open, refuel, then we'll leave and go to Port Angeles, where we'll stay Saturday night. Then we'll head to Anacortes on Sunday (8/29), arriving late afternoon.

We'll have cellphone service and internet access in Port Angeles.

Last night while on watch I wore two shirts, three sweatshirts, and two fleece jackets, all underneath my foul weather coat. Also long underwear, flannel-lined pants, and my foul weather pants. Plus a ski hat, jacket hood, and fleece gloves.

Miles to Neah Bay: 39

Hawaii 2010
08/27/2010 | Ted
Bundled up like Ralphie's kid brother in A Christmas Story. Geez Richard, miracle you could move your arms. Welcome back, guys! Once you're settled in, want to meet for coffee so I can hear a few stories?
08/28/2010 | mom & dad
We are so happy to know that we will see you real soon. try to stay warm. Cant wait to hear of your adventure. Love mom & dadr
Return trip -- day 23
08/26/2010, 47 28' N, 128 23' W

The past 24 hours were our best for distance...137 miles noon to noon. The past few nights we've had a very bright moon, so the nights have not been very dark. Star watching has been impossible because the moon's brightness has made most stars invisible. Last night we had nice beam winds, relatively flat seas, and a bright moon...a wonderful experience. Today the winds have been mid-20s, a bit higher than forecast, on our port quarter accompanied by big wind waves, so we're hand steering because the autopilot tends to wander a lot in these conditions. We like the rapid progress we're making.

Miles to Neah Bay: 161

Hawaii 2010
08/27/2010 | Idaho Dave
I have been working in Alaska this summer and have enjoyed the daily tales of your adventure a lot. Thanks for daily updates.
Return trip -- day 22
08/25/2010, 46 21' N, 131 22' W

Currently it looks like we'll reach Neah Bay sometime on 8/28. Depending on the time of day and our fuel supply, we'll probably stop at Neah Bay for fuel and/or to anchor for the night. We'll then go to Port Angeles and spend the next night there. Most likely we'll arrive in Anacortes on 8/30, in the late afternoon.

Miles to Neah Bay: 301

Hawaii 2010
Return trip -- day 21
08/24/2010, 45 36' N, 133 29' W

Another day, another 96 miles. Our wind has been from the south for the past couple of days, but shifting pressure pockets are supposed to change that to the W and then NW during the next couple of days, giving us a straight shot into Juan de Fuca Strait.

Brian decided to video himself making dinner today, complete with step-by-step narrative. A series on the Food Network will no doubt be next.

Miles to Neah Bay: 399

Hawaii 2010

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