SV Irish Melody

26 June 2014 | 17 14.963'S:176 50.086'E, South of the Yasawas
23 June 2014 | 13 40.036'S:177 51.919'E, South of Rotuma
16 June 2014 | 08 31.477'S:179 11.432'E, Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu
11 June 2014 | 06 21.740'S:177 10.005'E, West of Niutao
08 June 2014 | 04 34.534'S:175 20.080'E, North of Nanumea
04 June 2014 | 02 27.040'S:174 17.216'E, West of Tamana and Arorae, Southern Kiribati Group
01 June 2014 | 01 00.577'S:173 34.626'E, West of Nonouti, Southern Kiribati Group
30 May 2014 | 01 21.334'N:173 01.965'E, Parliament House, Ambo, Tarawa, Kiribati
23 May 2014 | 01 21.334'N:173 01.965'E, Parliament House, Ambo, Tarawa, Kiribati
18 May 2014 | 01 21.334'N:173 01.965'E, Parliament House, Ambo, Tarawa, Kiribati
05 May 2014 | 07 06.486'N:171 22.050'E, Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)
06 January 2014 | 07 06.486'N:171 22.050'E, Majuro - Marshall Islands
03 January 2014 | 05 38.276'N:171 38.759'E, South of Mili Atoll - Marshall Islands
29 December 2013 | 01 21.338'N:173 01.958'E, Ambo - Parliament House - Tarawa Lagoon.
23 December 2013 | Ambo, Tarawa Lagoon
13 January 2013 | off Ambo Village - Tarawa Lagoon
29 December 2012 | Near Banreaba - Parliament House - Tarawa Lagoon
21 December 2012 | 01 21.925'N:172 55.772'E, Betio Harbour, Tarawa, Kiribati
20 December 2012 | Southwest of Tarawa, Kiribati
18 December 2012 | Still south of Banaba -Pacific Ocean

Leaving Liapari - next stop Kiribati!

08 December 2012 | Vella Gulf
Andy and Tony
Saturday 08 December 8, 2012

Liapari continued to work her soporific spell on us as the week progressed. It wasn't till we mentioned to Noel that we would be leaving the next day that he reminded us it was a Friday - so - nothing for it but to stay another day. Superstitious sailors never leave port on a Friday and we also have tried to avoid doing so since we started this odyssey. So we didn't need much persuading - a recent blog update by friends Rob and Dianna on SV The Doctor ( ) outlining the trials and tribulations they faced recently after leaving port on a Friday further convinced us.

It turns out Friday was also a Solomon Island public holiday in Western Province. Noel immediately suggested a BBQ lunch in the round house, a lovely gazebo he built in 2010 on the shore. On Thursday we had been able to do all our laundry, followed by a walk around the island, hot work but great to stretch the legs, especially in the shady parts of the former copra plantation. The extra day at anchor also allowed us to finalise a few more boat chores, meaning for once the last day in port was a real relax day, not the usual frenzy of last minute preparations racing around buying more gas or parts or diesel.

The 'farewell BBQ' put on by Rosie and Noel left us feeling very relaxed, refreshed and ready for the next big leg of our trip. We upped anchor at 10.05 this morning and are in the Vella Gulf, heading for Manning Strait between Choisuel and Barora Fa Islands. The GRBS are telling us there isn't much wind about, so it could be a slow old sail to Kiribati. Dave told us when IM last went from Solomon Islands to Tarawa they had 35k on their stern quarter and had quite a wild ride. I'll settle for something in between. If we do end up in the doldrums lucky I've still got two books of the Harry Potter series to read!
Vessel Name: Irish Melody
Vessel Make/Model: C&C Landfall 38
Hailing Port: Brisbane (formerly Santa Rosa)
Crew: Anthony (Tony) and Andrea Mitchell
About: Decided to act on our mid-life crisis and take a gap 2012-13 will see us heading out into the Pacific via Thursday Island and the Solomon Islands.
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