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Michele/clear and sunny
27 January 2011, Marina Cay

We finally arrived in Marina Cay at lunchtime after the tedious check in. I jumped ship to Spiip but am just working during the day until Saturday morning when the charter guests arrive.

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Michele/clear and sunny
27 January 2011, Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

We left Marigot Bay at 8pm and, after a comfortable downwind sail overnight and arrived at 8am in Spanish Town. We will then sail across to Marina Cay so that I can join Spiip for my charter. Nic kindly did the bulk of the watches so that I could sleep and be ready for work.
The check in was a nightmare, our Esea-clear wasn't accepted because their computers were down so Nic had to fill out 5 different forms with exactly the same information (one of which he had the pleasure of paying for!). Then the customs officer wasn't there and came strolling back in to an office filled with people trying to check in and out with no apology.

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26 January 2011, Marigot Bay, St Martin

Headed through the French bridge at 14:30 and are spending the afternoon provisioning from the French supermarkets. All that stuff to put away before we sail up to Virgin Gorda!

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Michele/clear and sunny
26 January 2011, St Martin

As always here in St Martin the money is flowing out and Irony has been given a late Christmas! Apart from innumerable small items, yesterday we took delivery of 70 metres of new anchor chain. It was gusting 28/30 knots as we hung on our stern anchor while we took off the anchor, dropped the old chain to the bottom of the bay and attached the new chain. I am looking forward to rust free decks and free-running anchoring, our old chain had lost all its galvinising and become a nightmare to use.
The major win has been a dinghy and engine. Our friends, Robin and Miranda, who are crew on Spiip, an 86' yacht, were changing their dinghy here. They kindly offered us an amazing deal on a 1 ½ year old Conrad Perschel custom-made dinghy and a 40hp engine. The whole lot cost us less than we were going to have to spend on a new Walker without an engine and the quality is astounding. Robin has never put any air in it. The high-powered engine means that Nic can water ski which he is very excited about. It's still hard to believe we are driving around in such a gorgeous tender!
We are planning to go through the midday French bridge opening today and sail up to Virgin Gorda overnight. I am then going to join Spiip to work on a week's charter they have starting on Saturday.

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28 January 2011 | Anna Sim
SHE IS so so BEAUTIFUL!!! You so deserve a new dingy!!
Michele/clear and sunny
20 January 2011, Simpson Bay Lagoon

In need of water we headed into Port Louis Marina on Tuesday morning and spent a few hours there before we made our way through the 17:30 bridge opening. We are now anchored in the lagoon.
The bay is busy with more boats anchored here than we've ever seen before. We've caught up with several people we know and got the necessary sail/bimini repairs etc in motion. Research has begun on buying some new anchor chain and the shopping list seems to be growing daily! We hope to be heading to the BVIs on Wednesday next week.

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Michele/clear and sunny
18 January 2011, Marigot Bay, St Martin

It was hard to leave the beauty of Green Island but our schedule is pressing us to move on. We upped anchor late Monday morning and eyeballed our way through the reefs to the north of Antigua and then west to St Martin. It was a fabulous and fairly fast downwind sail which was a welcome change after our recent passages beating into headwinds. We arrived into Marigot Bay illuminated by a nearly full moon and anchored around 4am. We were taking down the sails in 25 knots of wind and there was quite a swell inthe bay but we fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. Now it's time for provisioning, buying parts and all the good things St Martin has to offer.

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