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The sailing adventures of the Sailing Vessel Isabella as she ventures to new parts of the Salish Sea and beyond!
Port Gamble Raft Up of the Bretheren
06/07/2011, Port Gamble Bay WA

Well you wont believe that we had 3 days in a row of perfect weather last weekend! This is the second time for this event and it did not dissapoint. How can you go wrong with some of the best freinds a sailor could ask for all rafted up together and talking story with a cold drink in hand. We brought 5 gallons of home brew along this time and it went over real well. Kevin on Andante as usual went way above and beyond shuttling whole families to shore and back in his large inflatable and never complained. Isabella hosted a small lunch party on Saturday and most were in attendance. As a side note for Tom, we won the vessel with the most flags contest this time!!! Mostley because you werent there. When the raft broke up on Sunday as is our way we moved a little closer in and stayed another day just to have a little quite time. The weather held and we seriously enjoyed a whole day of quiet nothing. Isabella is already jerking at her dock lines anticipating the next adventure. I for one cant wait to go anywhere and do anything with her!

I have never met Marvin but if for some reason he is reading this the seas were calm with winds 5-15 knots out of the west for most of the trip!

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06/28/2011 | Jeanne Walker
He He He...perhaps I should have left you some flags before I left, just to make sure the Freeport representitive was looking good!!

by the way i know why i have not been posting more, what is your reason...what no internet there n Port Ludlow
06/29/2011 | Marvin Davis
The Marvin Report is a following indicator, but if you don't know where you've been, how can you be prepared for the future?

I'll look forward to following you two on your adventures. You have along way to go to catch up to Tom and Jeanne.
05/11/2011, Port Ludlow WA

Welcome aboard! Rum anyone? Well my beautiful wife Sharon and I bought Isabella about 2-1/2 years ago and have been learning and dreaming ever since! She is a 1981 Islander Freeport 36 in the B plan and we have found what we think is the perfect cruising yacht! Just ask Tom and Jeanie on S/V Eagle if they agree! We have been making many modifications and upgrades over the last two years and I will share some of them with you just as soon as I round up some pictures. Sharon and I live in Port Ludlow WA and have been cruising the sound ever since we arrived! We used to say we would never go past a certain point in our lifetime but the funny thing about sailing is that the more you do the more you want. I guess its like most drugs only leagle! Still expensive though...

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05/11/2011 | Jeanne Walker
We certainly couln't agree more! we love our boat and have never found a boat we like better, well with in our budget!!

Your blog looks great looking forward to many updates and storys!!

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Who: Michael & Sharon McGouran
Port: Port Ludlow WA
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