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The sailing adventures of the Sailing Vessel Isabella as she ventures to new parts of the Salish Sea and beyond!
A Milestone
03/28/2012, Port Ludlow

Well this is a really big deal for us since we are big fans of "anchoring out" and since we have solar power and lots of batteries we dont want for much. But oh how we long for HOT WATER after the first day out! I have been making lay away payments all winter on our new Honda 2000 EU and finally went to pick it up last night! I think this calls for a test this weekend? The weather is starting to really change and I have been out about a half dozen times over the past two weeks for day/bay sails on Arriana. As much fun as that is Its been way to long since Isabellas put a rail in the sea. I have been going back through our freinds blog (Eagle) to when they were up north for inspiration and to remeber why we put up with the wet cold winters up here. The winds are blowing out of the south and the sun is shinning on my solar panels. Just the kind of pick me up I need to get back into the right frame of mind to start this summers projects! More soon........

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03/29/2012 | Ivan Leith
Some would say the only proper marine generator is an expensive belowdecks diesel generator, but I am not one of them. We just picked up an eu2000 this year as well and yanked out the remants of a previous below deck version ... two through-hulls, siphon breaks, water and fuel filters, miles of hose and excess electrical wiring, the entire system was a monster. I guess if we are in the same harbor, come on over, because we will be running ours too!
Isabella's little sister!
01/31/2012, next to her big Sis

Wow its been a long time! Well since the only people who read this are in Mexico on there own boat or busy workin in Portland they might not even see it! Oh well they started stuck in a slip a long time ago... So isabellas got a new little sister! Arriana is an O'Day 20 from 1977. She has been revitalized by yours truly and is so much fun to day sail in the bay that we may get a lot more work done on Isy this summer. My goals for this year are lofty to say the least! I hope to completely strip the deck of all hardware ports and windows in order to paint and re-bed everything! I cant take another winter of putting duck tape over leaks! Stay tuned to see how far we get....

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01/31/2012 | Ivan Leith
Not true. I actually saw it show up on the new posts list. Now you will have to add to it more, since you know others are seeing it! (We haven't updated ours in a while, so who am I to criticize.)
02/04/2012 | Jeanne Walker
Yup...even in Mexico we still follow along. you just dont post much!! LOL!!
A shot of Isabella next to her friend Eagle!
08/16/2011, Friday Harbor

Here we are looking from H dock in Friday Harbor.

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08/21/2011 | Jeanne Walker
Now those are two fine looking boats!! it was great seeing you two, and thanks again for all your help!!
Isabellas longest run to date!
08/16/2011, Sucia Island/Friday Harbor

Well we finnally can say we have been to Sucia Island! The 10th anniversary party for the Pacific Northwest Sailors group was held in Sucia where it all started a decade ago! Isabella motor sailed her way all the way over Orcas Island for the first time (with us as crew) and didnt miss a beat along the way! After two days of good times with good friends we made the jump down to Friday Harbor passing Jones and Waldron Islands along the way. I know I know big deal! But for us it was. We anchord outside of the marina the first night and watched the ferries come and go. Friday we were finnally able to pull into our reserved slip for the Lats and Atts party and as you might expect it was a wonderful time as usuall. We even managed to get a nasty note posted on the boardwalk at the marina! The big news is that Isabella is now the keeper of the best decorated boat contest for this year! Well in actuallity we were second but our freinds on Puddle Pirate refused the title since they are leaving for the south pacific so Isabella was next in line. ILL TAKE IT! After spending $100.00 on raffle tickets and still not winning anything I was excited to take the prize! The crossing home was uneventful and Sharon experimented with cooking underway turing out a great tasting hot lunch in the middle of the straights! All in all a very successful trip and definatley one to remember.

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2nd Annual Freeport Rendezvous!
07/19/2011, Brownsville Marina

Well we survived the second rendition of a get together spawned by Tom and Jeanie just last year! Of course being world travlers now they were obviously too far away to participate but the Eagle was there in spirit! You know the Native American kind where they dress up and dance and what do you know? LOTS OF RAIN! Of course being locals we knew how to make the best of it and still have a great time. We had four boats this year and one drive in. Thats one more than last and would have made two more with Eagle. We have been victimized into hositng the event next year and are already planning. Maybe we will have it in Mexico so T&J can make it? Anyway we had way to much food, lots of fun and prizes and even grouped together one night with the entire Bremerton Power Squadron (one boat) the really bad part is they won the grand prize by getting the best score on the Islander Freeport Quiz I had put together... SHAME! Isabella is back in her slip but already tugging at her dock lines to get away again! Well this friday we will have a nice sail and dinner with Darren and Lisa from S/V Venus and that will have to do for a week or so.

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07/19/2011 | Rhonda Leith
Sounds like a good time was had by all! Ivan and I were with you in spirit, even though we don't own a Freeport anymore:) Ivan has started a blog fo rus too -
You'll have to check it out sometime:)
See you guys in acouple weeks at Sucia!
07/22/2011 | Jeanne Walker
We truely missed not being there. It just was to long a run to make it back from canada. I am glad that the event will continue in your capable hands! But to let a non-freeport owner win the triva contest? say it ain't so!!!
07/22/2011 | Jeanne Walker
by the way...nice flags. You even have big flags now!! LOL keep it up and you might even have more than me some day
Fourth of July Raftup!
Mike sunny and 70's
07/06/2011, Port Ludlow WA

Well our first official 4th of July Raftup here in the bay was a great success! We had fresh crab, shrimp kabobs, fresh fruits and veggies and the list goes on! I brewed a batch of beer for the event and it went over real well in the July sunshine! We stayed the night and had a wonderful breakfast after an incredible sunrise and the obligatory trip to shore with "the dog"...
In the last couple weeks of hit and miss sunshine I have been able to make some progress on Isabella and will take some pics of the results. Happy Summer to everyone and heres hopin for a long one!

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