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Join us as we leave the safety of our "normal" life and head south on a new adventure.

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Long Overdue Update

14 April 2012 | Marathon
Actually Rain Today
This is a very overdue update. We've been rather busy with boat projects and enjoying the beautiful weather, well until today.

The third solar panel is finally installed over the davits. George is now doing his "Very Happy Solar Panel Dance." We've actually managed to avoid using the generator for days at a time now. We didn't even need it today although it was overcast and rainy for most of the day.

Unfortunately his dance took a bit of a nose dive late this afternoon. His beloved Link Ten (battery monitor) died. I told him he was going to wear it out if he didn't stop checking on the batteries constantly. But did he listen? No. And now he has a new project on his list.

The main boat project at the moment is the installation of the new air conditioner. It also works as a heater but we're hoping that never becomes something we have to use; at least not in the near future. George is busy making customized duct work, which he considers works of art. I had to remind Ben to congratulate and compliment his dad on what a great job he's doing, especially when George is clearly trying to show his work off to Ben.

On the plus side, Ben and I haven't had to break out in a harmonized version of "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen" for a week or so. Well okay we could have this afternoon when the Link Ten quit but we didn't think George would have found it so funny. We'll sing it for him tomorrow. There for a week or two we had to sing to George two or three times a day. He just seemed to be making one complaint after another. The singing seems to have broken him of that nasty habit. How bad can life be when you're sitting in paradise on a sailboat.

We were lucky to have a quick visit with friends from s/v Providence and s/v Osprey. They, along with s/v Blew Moon and us spent Easter Sunday playing Bocche Ball on the beach. We then enjoyed a potluck dinner at the chiki hut along with the folks from Golden Spirit.

They left the next day and 24 hours later Bill and Bess Storm from Alibi II came into the harbor. They had hoped to meet up with the other two boats. All three spent a good part of the season in the Bahamas but just never connected. They all spent most of last year here and we all got to be good friends.

In other news, Ben's still enjoying his job. We're getting ready to pull the boat out next week to do a insurance survey and bottom paint. Our oldest daughter is planning a trip in mid-May and we've arranged for dock space at Marathon Marina and Boatyard starting June first.

The above picture was taken of the moon through the companionway from the salon table. There won't be a moon tonight. It's still overcast, although it hasn't rained since about 2 o'clock this afternoon. George was caught in a downpour coming back from Home Depot. (No we didn't sing then either. Maybe Ben and I are falling down on our job of keeping things in perspective for George. It WAS a warm rain.)
Vessel Name: Ishmael
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42 #062 1975
Crew: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper
After over thirty years of working 40+ hours a week. George and Kathy have decided it is time to slow down and enjoy what this world has to offer. We are looking forward to sharing this new life style with our youngest child, Ben(15). [...]
Extra: With over 1000 miles under our keel we are now ready to finally head south. First we'll move down the Hudson River and then we'll follow the east coast south.
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Who: Kathy, Ben, George and Kooper