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Changing Pace
Join us as we leave the safety of our "normal" life and head south on a new adventure.
Weather break
01/18/2012, Where else...Boot Key

Things have been quite quiet around here lately. That may have to do with the less than seasonal temperatures and quite high winds on occassion. In fact on Tuesday, which was the first really nice day in quite awhile, the laundry room was so full you couldn't even find a chair, never mind a washing machine. But according to Chris Parker, the ssb weather guru, the weather is supposed to improve and be nice for the next two to four weeks. Sunny skies, east winds, and warm temperature. Yeah.

Not much has happened since the last post. We managed to get out to a local bar with 12 other people to watch the Blues Brothers. They were good and we enjoyed an evening off the boat. I went to the flea market with Gale (s/v Aeolus) and Barb (s/v Providence) down on Big Pine Key. It was pretty good, I manged to pick up some vegies and some sunglasses for Ben and George. (George already lost his overboard.) This week they have a nautical flea market but with any luck at all George and I will be packing up our house starting this weekend. We're just waiting to be sure the buyers have the financing in place before empty the house. An un-staged house doesn't sell nearly as well as a staged one. Our only other outing was to s/v KIT for dinner. Always as interesting time. Steve had a selection of strange beers that he, George and even Ben enjoyed while Kathy and I passed. I don't like coffee so I sure don't want to ruin a good beer with the taste of expresso. It was George's dream beer...dark, bitter beer with a hit of coffee. He could drink and not worry about falling asleep.

Not much else happening right now. Ben is going to spend the next two weeks taking care of the boat while George and I head north. He thinks he's going to be on his own with Kooper. What he doesn't know is that a quarter of the harbor is aware of the situation and will be keeping an eye on him. the dog, and the boat. I've already had people offering to feed him at least some of the time while we're away. I think he'll probably pass of those offers because he's planning on spending as much time doing things he knows we don't want him doing. Hey he's a teenager. We're comfortable with the fact that he won't do anything too stupid and manage to stay out of trouble for the most part. I'm curfew will be the biggest item at risk while we're gone.

We'll post again when everything is settled. In the meantime we'll have to enjoy the above sunset picture since we won't see one for a couple of weeks ourselves.

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01/25/2012 | Al & Jennifer Holden
Congrats on selling your place. We are headed back to Kingston by March 6th. We are leaving the boat in Charlotte Harbour. Until mid Feb. we will be cruising the west side.

Live large.
Weekly Update...Sort of Weekly
01/08/2012, Boot Key Harbor

With the holidays over things are starting to return to normal. George is back to work and Ben's actually getting some school work done. And the big news is that the weather is starting to warm up again. We're back into the 70's. Fortunately even when the highs were only in the lower 60"s the sun kept shining.

On Thursday night we were treated to a space station flyover. It passed straight over Ishmael. It was dark enough to get a good view, the flyover was one of the longer ones we've witnessed and it was early enough in the evening, just past 6:30, that we didn't have to stay up and wait for it to happen. It's flown over each night since but it has been lower in the sky and it has been earlier so it's been more difficult to see.

Today we're off to Dockside to participate in the activities going on to honor Wounded Warriors. Ben was supposed to go out sailing with Lisa and Kurt. The wind is just around 8 to 10 knots and the waves low so it would have been a great day for them to be out. However, they decided that the shrouds are not set properly and her radio isn't working.

Also this week George was reunited with an old friend. (Well not any older than George.) They went to high school and university together and hadn't seen each other for over 15 years. Mostly because we moved and George hadn't bothered letting Doug know. He just got caught up in the whole immigrating to the USA thing. It was good to see Doug and his son. Ben missed the reunion because he was off getting lost in Key West with Lisa. Another first for him. Lisa's been to key West on her own but Ben has always gone with us. Kurt and Chris were supposed to go with them but Kurt bowed out and Chris missed the bus.

Other than that the only news is it looks like we've sold the house in Michigan. If all goes through we'll be rushing up there at the end of the month to empty the house. They've set a closing date of January 31st. Ben and Kooper will stay and take care of the boat. I don't think he really wants to be part of packing everything up. It's the only house he remembers living in and in fact I've never lived in any one house longer than that one. but it will be great to have that settled.

Hopefully we'll manage to get more regular with blog postings. That may go as well as most New Year's resolutions. lol

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01/09/2012 | Terry Swisher
Great to hear about your house, but sad to see you really leave the area. You've been away alot but not really gone. Keep posting
01/18/2012 | Doug
Well, it was a great pleasure to see you both. I'm sorry we missed Ben. You have chosen a most interesting course and it was really nice to visit you there. You seem to have adapted well. I've been meaning to send one of the pictures but I haven't loaded them yet as I've been busy on basement renos. Take care and keep up the regular posts.
A New Year
George /cold front moving through
01/02/2012, Boot Key Harbor

A new year and it began with great weather and the Second Annual Marathon New Years Polar Plunge. Since the water was in the 70's, everyone was asked to bring their own ice cubes.

Today looks like the first big cold front and predictes temperature in the low 50's so it will be time to break out the jeans and socks for a couple of days.

But no worries, there is a blizzard warning out back home.

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01/06/2012 | Bess and Bill
Hey there, miss you guys. Get your Skype set up by next week or so - then Ann and I can call you. If you have some Dion's corndogs on hand we can reenact old times.
Back into the Swing of Things
Kathy/ Sunny and Windy
12/04/2011, Boot Key Harbor

We've been back to Marathon now for over a week and we're back into our old routine.

Ben was given a week off from school when we arrived to hang out on shore. His friend Kurt is in the harbor now and several other friends will be arriving over the next month or two. The boys spend most of their time playing video games and just talking to over liveaboards on shore. Tomorrow he's back to his school work.

George and I have made contact with several people we knew from last year already. Several others are still heading this way or won't start down until after Christmas. We've also made a few new friends. George actually went to Dockside for the first time on Tuesday for Happy Hour. He'd never been before. It's a typical hang out bar for several of the local and cruising boats. Friday night several couples went to the Hurricane to watch the Doerfuls.(sp) They're a Keys cover band that's made up of boys from one family. The oldes is 22 and the youngest performer is 6. The six year old only sang one song. Last year when we saw them they had they're only sister playing with them. She did all the talking, most of the lead singing and she played the fiddle. On Friday she wasn't with them and they had an older man, who was quite good, to the talking and most of the lead singing. I think the boys, while very talented, don't like to do much talking. We don't know what happened to the sister, but she was of an age that she may have gone away to school. If you get a chance to see them go for it. They play a lot in Key West.

We've also got back to doing more exercise. The heat in Georgia during the summer made it difficult to do much exercising. By the time we left I was back to walking 2 or 3 miles a day on the beach and usually George and/or Ben would join the dog and I when we went. Here we have to walk or ride a bike anytime we want anything. The benefit of not having a car. I've also got back to doing yoga. The first time or two was a bit hard but it's better now. George joined me on Saturday. He and Ben try to go to the park at least five mornings a week to run through the exercise equipment they have there. They also take the dog for a walk around the park. I think the plan is to get even more exercise starting this week. They do their exercising before 8:00 a.m. so that George be online for work and starting tomorrow Ben can get his school work done ar a reasonable hour in the day.

They"ve decorated the town for Christmas and next weekend is the boat parade. We don't have as good a seat as last year but it should still be fun.

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