Jabula: Beyond the Horizon

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23 February 2008 | Bahia de Chamela
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15 January 2008 | Isla Isabella
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21 50.56N/105 52.94W(South Harbour)

15 January 2008 | Isla Isabella
21 50.56N/105 52.94W (South Harbour, Isla Isabella)
We "set sail" for Isla Isabella on Saturday January 12th at 0300 hrs. It was a lovely star-filled night, but alas, as has been the case for much of this area, there was little wind to speak of, and what there was coming from behind. So our night began with the droning whine from our trusty iron spinnaker. An hour later, the sail was further disrupted by my discovery that I had completely misjudged our departure time (still can't figure out how THAT happened) and that we would be arriving at the island in the dark!! A night-time arrival in any port is ill-advised, but at an island known to be at least one and a half miles off it's charted position, it would be crazy. I decided it would be best to cut our losses and head back into the harbour.
Much later the same day we departed (again). This time at 1430 hrs after a restful sleep. The afternoon had brought 10 to 15 knots of wind and we were soon under sail with main and polled out jib. As night fell, so did our wind until we were forced to hoist the iron spinnaker. Evening also brought on some fog, but fortunately we always managed to just keep ahead of the worst of it. Later in the evening we found some more wind and again polled out the genny.
I had been asleep for a while when Jeannie called me and said that we had a tear in our sail! We discovered that it had torn right along the section where the UV protection strip is attached to the sail. What a blow! Just something more to be repaired when we eventually got to San Blas. The wind was dying again so we continued to the island under power, anchoring in the southern bay at 0945 hrs.

South Anchorage

We spent 4 days at this little island in the Pacific about 5 hours from San Blas. It is a bird sanctuary -incredible with all these birds flying and nesting over the whole island.

Mommy, Daddy and BABY!

We walked round the island and birds with their young would let us get so close it was amazing. There were frigates, blue and brown (looked yellow) footed boobys and lots of gulls. Plus some interesting looking iguanas.

"You want to what?"

None of these creatures are at all perturbed by our presence. The first two nights were quite calm in the anchorage, but then the swell set in and we decided to move over to the outer anchorage which was more protected from the swell. Two more days of beauty and it was on to San Blas.
Vessel Name: Jabula
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly 33
Hailing Port: Victoria, B.C. Canada
Crew: Bruce and Jeannie Quayle
About: Love sailing, fishing, adventuring. tale-swapping and each other!
Extra: Mustn't forget the rum!!!
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DSC00020: "Best sail EVER!"
Portabella to Colon - Febuary, 2001
DSC00003: "Catch us if you can"
Portabella to Colon - Febuary, 2001
DSC00011: "Whooosh!"
Portabella to Colon - Febuary, 2001
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Jabula: Beyond the Horizon

Who: Bruce and Jeannie Quayle
Port: Victoria, B.C. Canada