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Philip and Sharon
02/07/2008, Morristown, NJ

We have great news to share with you today!! We know that you have been coming to this blog regularly looking for updates but we've been working hard on the news that we are about to share and it will more than make up for the silence of the last couple of weeks.

Today we received news that our offer for the 78' Liberty Schooner was accepted. We will close on the deal on April 30th and cannot wait to get her up to New York from Key West. We are already taking reservations for potential crew, so don't miss out, let us know soon if you would like to join us in May.

If you have been following our blog, and all this sounds strange, please refer to a previous post to understand more about how we got here.

You probably want to know a little more about the Liberty? She is ideal for our purpose of being an environment for life change, where leaders grow and teams are strengthened.

She looks like an authentic cargo schooner from the 1800s, but is equipped with modern technology and meets current US Coast Guard requirements for safety. She sleeps 12 people in 6 cabins, and has an enormous salon/galley area for the crew to do life together. She is certified for 49 passengers for day trips.

We look forward to using her as a leadership laboratory in New York Harbor, in the shadow of the lady herself.

Check the side links >> for the Yacht World listing.

Go to to see her present job as a charter schooner in Key West.

And the video below was taken when I first was aboard her to meet the owner last week.

Check out the post below, "Which Schooner?" for more about the business model.

Our New Digs
01/21/2008, Morristown, NJ

Last Tuesday we finally moved into a more permanent living situation. It is a far from the ocean, and living on a boat, but none the less, very comfortable and clean. Luke and I put this short video together to document the house.

Life Ashore
Video Blog
The whole Family
01/12/2008, Union City

Our first attempt at a video blog.

Life Ashore
Where on Earth?
01/08/2008, Union City, NJ

We spend New Years eve with some South African friends from church. Max and Cecelia are enjoying their first winter in the US with their 2 daughters Varenka & Chenika.

We are so ready for the new year. '08 a new beginning of something great!

We stayed in Hackettstown house sitting for our dear friends, Anthony and Jourdana, while they spent time with family in North Carolina.

This week we are in Union City, on the ridge that over looks New York City. You have to experience it for yourself, it is a magnificent view! The picture for this blog was taken from the back door. These wonderful accommodations belong to Jim our boat yard friend, whom we met while preparing Jabulani in the Liberty Harbor Marina. Jim is in Florida for a few weeks, and kindly thought of us, to house sit while he is out.

We are getting lots of emails and questions related to our recent change of course. Please refer to the blog post of 12/06/07 where we explain what's up, and continue writing to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Life Ashore
Which Schooner?

Well, we can't really say, yet, but here is the picture, isn't she a beauty? As soon as we are at a stage in the negotiations when we could reveal her name we will. (You never know who might read this blog, after Googling her name).

We actually have 2 schooners under consideration, and our broker is doing a fine job as our intermediary in all these negotiations.

Our executive coaching, leadership development business model, calls for a traditional vessel, where people are required to work side by side, shoulder to shoulder. We will create an experience for positive life change for leaders and teams wishing to increase their effectiveness and influence. So, we are looking for a gaff-rigged schooner, 60-80ft in length, with USCG certified overnight accommodations of 10-14 people, and a daytime excursion capacity of 49.

Stay tuned.

Life Ashore
Christmas at The Noe's
12/26/2007, Woodbine, NJ

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with the Noe's. Bill and Debb opened their home to us again, and we were once again part of their family!

Our good friend, Ekkehard found his way to Woodbine, NJ all the from Barbados, and joined us for a few days of adventure on the farm. He departed at 5 am from Barbados, arrived in Miami at 11 am, flew from Miami to Philadelphia, arriving at 5:30 pm. He took a lonely ride on the only bus from Phili to a lonely corner of the small town of Woodbine, arriving there at a very chilly 11 pm.

Christmas morning we woke early and were joined by Bill's sons, Steve and Damon, again to enjoy a wonderful time of gift sharing and opening. Debb made a fantastic breakfast for us with baked french toast, scrambled egg, baked oatmeal and a whole lot more. Wow!

In the afternoon, we took Luke's new Lego firefighting boat which he got from the Simon's family, which he had built for a test drive on the pickle pond. Movie to follow. Then Phil, Ekk and Luke went for a little canoe trip along a tidal river that fills up the pickle pond. The
trip lasted about an hour or two. Ruthie and I took a slow walk back home to Bill's place and then snuggled up on the couch and had a little nap. After the canoe trip Bill picked the boys up and took them over to have another look at the schooner Ada C. Lore.

Late in the afternoon, Debb's friends, Tim, Liz and Olivia (featured ont eh left of the photo) came over for dinner. We had a great evening with everyone. After they went home and the kids had gone to bed Philip and Ekk took a dip in the hot tub.

We left the wonderful "holiday home" down in Woodbine just after lunch today and took a lengthy 4 and a half hours to drive up to north Jersey. Yes, traffic was somewhat congested. We will be house-sitting for friends of ours, the Parisi's while they are away on vacation.

Life Ashore

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