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Sailing west about from Melbourne, Australia.

26 October 2011 | Bundaberg, QLD
04 October 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
01 October 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
26 September 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
20 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
10 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
09 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
08 September 2011 | On Passage to Port Vila
05 September 2011 | On Passage to Port Vila
02 September 2011 | Fiji
01 September 2011 | Lautoka, Fiji
18 August 2011 | Suva, Fiji
02 August 2011 | Suva, Fiji
24 July 2011 | On Passage to Suva, Fiji
21 July 2011 | On Passage to Suva, Fiji
17 July 2011 | Neiafu, Tonga
28 June 2011 | On Passage to Tonga
27 June 2011 | On Passage to Tonga

Passage to the Marquesas Day 3 - fishing nets, no wind

28 March 2011 | On passage to the Marquesas
Yo and Dan Hellier
We continue with next to no wind, though we know others are catching it round 5 degrees south so we continue in that direction.

Just had a bit of fun getting caught up in a net out here. All good now. it was a fluke that we'd just set sail and turned the engine off as we got tangled up. Didn't notice the net at first but realised we couldn't gain speed. No wonder, reckon it was pretty big. We were able to cut it away. We'd seen 3 vertical markers to our port side, and a final to our starboard. They covered a distance of about 3 miles! The nearest marker was over 1/2 mile away from us. We figured they were marking pots or something as the gaps were enormous and not marked in any way (poachers??). Anyway the top nylon line was just below the surface the bastards.... just deep enough to not be able to avoid it and we must have snagged it on our rudder. For those following the coords are 3 degrees 50S to 3 degrees 59 S. approx long 91 degrees 28 -29 W watch out. Advice if you see vertical stick with black flag, go right below it by at least 5 miles.

Keeping a keen watch in these waters. Yachties have recorded a few very unfriendly encounters in the last 3 years up to 300 miles out from Galapagos. So far we have only had to avoid one fishing vessel, a mother ship towing a number of tenders. Think we're all clear by now.

Still in the rain, but it's starting to clear and we're hoping for the trades to start kicking in.
Vessel Name: Jacana Of Melbourne
Vessel Make/Model: Northshore 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne Australia
Crew: Dan & Yolanda Hellier
About: Departed Melbourne April 2003. We have now finished our circumnavigation. Thought we might cruise down the east coast of Oz for a while
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There are over 900 species of birds in Panama and 400 of them are in our jungle backyard at ShelterBay marina
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Regular visits to Oz allow us to travel via new countries and catch up with mates and family
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18% of all species of birds in the world occur in Colombia
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We joined the people on the street for Emancipation Day, and the festivities of Carnival. With other yachties we took Jessie James' tours to Asa Wright Bird Reserve, the Caroni Swamp, Nariva and the pitch lake.
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Trinidad & Tobago have the greatest number of species of birds per sq kilometer than any other country in the world...about 460 odd species.
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