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Sailing west about from Melbourne, Australia.

26 October 2011 | Bundaberg, QLD
04 October 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
01 October 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
26 September 2011 | On passage to Bundaberg, Australia
20 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
10 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
09 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
08 September 2011 | On Passage to Port Vila
05 September 2011 | On Passage to Port Vila
02 September 2011 | Fiji
01 September 2011 | Lautoka, Fiji
18 August 2011 | Suva, Fiji
02 August 2011 | Suva, Fiji
24 July 2011 | On Passage to Suva, Fiji
21 July 2011 | On Passage to Suva, Fiji
17 July 2011 | Neiafu, Tonga
28 June 2011 | On Passage to Tonga
27 June 2011 | On Passage to Tonga
23 June 2011 | On Passage to Tonga

Round the world in 3066 days. (Eat your heart out Mr Verne )

10 September 2011 | Port Vila, Vanuatu
Yo and Dan Hellier
Photo courtesy of the Fiji Times

The fine yacht, Jacana of Melbourne, has now circumnavigated the world.
On the 9th of September 2011, at 2300 hours, as we passed the working Pango light at the entrance to Port Vila in Vanuatu, we crossed our outward track.

We threw off the lines at Hobson Bay Yacht Club on 17th April, 2003.
Since then we have visited 27 countries and travelled 34,395 nautical miles.

We have had a bonza time.

We have also toughed out a few episodes we would not be keen to repeat; The tsunami in Thailand, being physically threatened by bullying fishermen in Sri Lankan waters; a freak storm in Durban harbor, and a robbery at knifepoint (Crocodile Dundee size) in Brazil. Twice, as innocent bystanders, we ducked for cover as the bullets flew in armed robberies- one a carjacking in Durban, and the other a jewel heist in Cartagena.

However, our glass is always more than half full.
We are constantly amazed at the generosity and determination of the impoverished people of the world that we have met.
We purposefully decided, in our slow passage, to take time in fewer locations in order to immerse ourselves in the people and their cultures, and of course their markets and food.

This overall strategy meant our cruise was weighted towards the cities - where the bulk of populations now reside.
We have become more cynical towards the powerful and the rich. Round the world their greed and corruption is evident. So often this is done in the name of democracy. There is a greater disparity between the rich and the poor than ever before and the gulf is widening alarmingly.

Jacana Of Melbourne

Jacana , the first Northshore 46 built, has been a wonderful home and an efficient and comfortable passage maker.
We plan to continue to Bundaberg, leave Jacana on the hard, and fly back to Melbourne.
When the southern winter becomes brass monkey weather we will head north to bring her back to Hobson's Bay Yacht Club, Williamstown.

Vessel Name: Jacana Of Melbourne
Vessel Make/Model: Northshore 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne Australia
Crew: Dan & Yolanda Hellier
About: Departed Melbourne April 2003. We have now finished our circumnavigation. Thought we might cruise down the east coast of Oz for a while
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