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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Packing up home
07/11/2010, Jersey, Channel Islands

Finished work on Wed 30 June 2010. Thursday 1 July finds me running up and down the stairs in my home wondering where on earth to start packing first. UP 'right, I'll start sorting clothes i don't need - oh, hang on, need to clear a space to put the clothes into' DOWN 'oh, hang on, need Mark to help me dismantle the wardrobe' UP DOWN UP DOWN. Finally realise I've spent 30 minutes having a good cardiovascular workout but doing nothing about packing the house up. Kettle goes on, surf the net, give up for the day.
10 days later and I have started to cross jobs off the list I made. A new home has been found for the goldfish - thanks Katya - our SSB radio and radar have arrived after exciting bidding on e bay - and some progress has been made in the form of hospice shop runs and furniture donations. Now the TV has gone however, I have Lochy hassling me for the computer so he can log onto moshimonsters. I'll have to break it to him gently that we won't have internet access 24/7 when we are away!!

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Hurrah for PEGASUS!!
06/17/2010, Jersey/Greece

So, the house is sold [tick] the notice has been handed in at work [tick tick] and a deposit has been placed on a boat [tick]. I have 9 working days left, Mark has already finished and then kids finish school on 22 July 2010. On 23 July 2010 we 'll be on the ferry to the UK with our bags packed, our house empty and our car boot full to the brim. After a trip down to Greece in May by Mark, we decided to settle on a 39 foot catamaran. The good news is it is on tip top condition. The down side is that it is not available until the end August due to a pre-booked charter. However, our flights are booked for Greece at the end of August and then we can spend a leisurely/frantic [delete as appropriate] 2 months kitting Pegasus out for longer sails (radar, solar panels etc etc)
In a way, it is good that we are not being waved off from the marina in Jersey only for the inevitable return an hour later because something has snapped! Going over to UK first is less permanent and more gradual (for us any way!)
Kids are excited, Mum and Dad are excited - I just can't finish work fast enough so I can concentrate on the trip ahead!
More details once I have finished work!!

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and so the search begins
05/20/2010, Jersey

So, after a few years of talking about it, it seems the final count down has begun! I have 6 weeks left at work, Mark has passed his final exams with flying colours, and (fingers crossed) the house goes through court a week tomorrow. Despite some people telling us that in the current market we would never sell, we were really pleased to be offered above the asking price AND get to stay rent free until end July - that was the clincher for us!
So, it seems we have trawled the internet for boats for MONTHS now and have narrowed it down to a couple of catamarans in Greece - Mark is heading down on Sunday to have a test drive, get a survey and hopefully put in an offer and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!
The plan is for Mark to go back down to Greece mid June and sail it back to Jersey, so we can kit it out and start our adventure from here. Hopefully, I can join him first week of July and we can do some serious stuff - like learning how to sail. It'll be good to do that whilst the kids are still in school so we can be super confident by the time they climb aboard!

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