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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
''Dolphins!'' Day 6

We were in for a treat today with dolphins on our bow - last night they had made an appearance and I tried to wake Lochy to see them but to no avail. So, everyone happy today. We came tantalisingly close to another yacht that we had spoken to by radio on the first night who is a single handed sailor, but despite hearing him call us on the radio once, we then couldn't connect with him - we think there was a problem with his radio rather than ours which was such a shame as we haven't seen many other ships and to be within 2 miles of him in the middle of the ocean it would have been nice to have chatted. Of course we shot past him with our kite flying but waved as we blazed by!! Actually, winds are now really light so speed dropped right down again. We fluctuate between saying "At this speed we'll be in in 19 days" to "Maybe it will be more like 23 days" but either way that will be fine; we're all really enjoying the journey and Chloe has proposed a Pirate Day tomorrow. Shiver me timbers! Position: 22.08N 22.59W.

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01/21/2011 | m wagner
love the latest updates! just going to see where you are on google earth :) looking forward to hearing more, stay safe x m.a
Full moon and the wind up our Chuff

Flew the spinny all night and Pegasus was flying at about 8-9 knots. This meant a less leisurely night watch for all involved as we actually had to watch for wind shift and change course accordingly. I suppose we could have actually helmed, but the duogen is working a treat, keeping our batteries topped up at 100% and so Uncle Auto remained at the helm all night, with the occasional tweak of two degrees to the left, then two degrees to the right. No-one can pretend it was a comfortable night though and only the kids slept through the night. Which explains why we are doing a more sedate 4-5 knots as I write this at 1am on this our 5th night. Really enjoying the sail. Makes the relentless slog of 30 knots on our nose through the Med worth every minute as we potter across what will be the largest stretch of water we sail (I've just been planning the Pacific part of our trip!)Kids reluctantly doing school work and diaries now I know they don't get sea sick, with the promise we will have a whole week off school work when we arrive. Chloe beavering away at her patchwork quilt ("you have a sewing machine on board? Seriously?") Alan topping up his tan on the trampoline. Mark being on mother watch again - must have been a slip in writing the watch system at 2am before we set sail, honest! Full moon reflecting so brightly on the water - kids sleeping outside again in the cockpit in what has become a Pegasus full moon tradition.

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''Day Three in the House''

[to be said with Geordie accent] It's day four in the big brother household. Will Chloe keep her next meal down? Will Alan have to go up the mast again? And when will we find the trade winds that will take us to Antigua? We had a lovely sail with Southerly winds for most of Day 3 and then by evening, as predicted, the winds died down and we stuck the motor on, heading SW to find the trade winds. Not much to report although it is taking Mia and Chloe a little longer to find their sea leg than they would like and Lochy has his moments of temporarily losing his. However, I am mightily impressed how the girls are keeping their spirits up with the help of audiobooks and Base Nectar (Chloe's fav music) on the IPod. And there are real pockets of them being absolutely fine and chatty, just in case anyone is getting worried! No major marine action yet - a couple of dolphins and a turtle, but we are hanging out for a bit of whale action - even a flying fish would be a bonus! Alan cooked up a storm in the kitchen, proving that all men use every bit of equipment/pot/pan in the kitchen, but well worth it - he is getting used to having to wake me up for my watch - when I am in a deep sleep he can get amusing responses to disturbing my slumbers.

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Guess Chloe got her swagga back

Woohoo. Yabba dabba doo. Chloe has officially found her sea legs. After a cheeky barf first thing this morning, gradually we are getting to know the real Chloe. And we like her! Yep, today has been a good one - enough wind to put the engine off and fly the spinny all day - and we are still flying it under a nearly full moon. Position 25.01.32N 19.46.27W in case you have google earth. Oh, before I forget, this snailmail is abit hit or miss so I am writing whilst I can but if it goes all quiet on the blog front that will be why. Finished the day with a celebratory game of ibble dibble - can't think why Alan opted out of that one!

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Days One and Two

With last minute preparations being ticked off the list with the help of Alan and Chloe at a rate of knots, and the food provisioning done, on Saturday 15th January 1pm, we finally left Puerto Calero after nearly 4 weeks. We had loved Lanzarote - it was great to meet people, and Lochy was especially sad to leave Kieran after having such a great play mate for three weeks.
Chloe's mum and dad were there to wave goodbye and as soon as we left the marina, we were reminded rather rudely of a couple of things we hadn't tied down as the swell was fairly lively. The first couple of days have mostly consisted of everyone finding their sea legs - Mia and Chloe are still to locate them, but they've booked them for tomorrow. We had a lovely few hours of spinny flying when the wind dropped, but then a reef in the main as we came through the islands. Now, no land in sight, but the sun is setting in the right direction and it's a beautiful sunset at that.

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01/18/2011 | m wagner
great to hear how the first days have gone! Hope mia and chloe find their sea legs soon :) picturing you watching beautiful sunsets with not a soul in sight, bliss! stay safe x
01/20/2011 | Taryn Gordon
Hi Catherine, you called me re reference for Alan... Enjoyed reading your blogs, Alan passed on the site address (I hope you don't mind?) Hope you are all having a wonderful time and that the ocean and wind is being kind. Give Al a good kick and kiss from us here - we miss him lots. He's a super guy and won't let you down. Looking forward to the next installment. Best wishes
Taryn x
Getting crew
01/13/2011, Lanzarote

Crossing the Med with Phil was fun. We all got enough sleep and we felt we could have kept going. Coming down from Gibraltar was knackering, with just Mark and I on night watch - it was like having a baby again. And there's a reason we stopped at two. So, it made sense to put the feelers out re taking on crew for our next leg. Mark and I enjoy other people's company so I mentioned on Facebook that we needed crew - with nearly 200 "friends" surely someone would take us up on this once in a life time opportunity. Nada. Actually, the excuses were coming in thick and fast "I'd love to but I have the kids to think about" (well, OK that was pretty legit!) I appreciated Claire's honesty "Cath, I hate sailing - I'd vom the entire trip." So, a quick ad in a couple of sailing websites and we were inundated with replies. Mark and I had very different specs re what qualified for good crew. I won't elaborate, but we decided if we were going to take one extra, we might as well take two. So, we decided on a mixture of a more mature (more quips to follow as I get to know Alan better!) sailor who is making sailing his profession. And a 23 year old Russian backpacker who was already in Gran Canaria so would easily be able to pop over to meet us. Alan arrived, following a 48 hour trip from Yemen. 4 days after she said she'd be here we still haven't heard from Svetlana. Then an email "oh, I looked for a boat to Lanzarote, but guess what, I found one to Cape Verde!! I hope I haven't let you down yada yada yada." We were actually fine about it because the rigger here had said his daughter would like to come and we were sad to have had to turn her down. So, our new crew are now Alan and Chloe. Chloe is 20 and hasn't really ever sailed, so this trip is going to be an adventure for us all. Oh, I forgot to mention, we met the rigger when he did a rig check for us and then installed a new rig because our rig failed the check. Ouch.
So, we are supposed to be leaving tomorrow, but whether it's tomorrow or Saturday, it doesn't really matter - we still have a heap of things to do before we go as always. I will try to update the blog via SSB radio and Mark's mum as we go but if it doesn't work, then I'll write again in 3-4 weeks when we are in Antigua, pina colada in hand!!

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