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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
what a difference a day makes

Whoa! We though the wind would pick up last night and so it did. So I am not going to complain that it is just West of North 30 knots and so very lumpy and beamy. Rather than nonchalantly wandering round the boat at will, we are back to one hand for the boat; our knees bent in a 'brace for another wave' position! However, we are heading West at 7 knots with 3 reefs in the main so making good progress. Mark has been repairing the spinnaker with the sewing machine whilst the engines have been on so we may get some more action yet for that sail (though not right now!!) We saw some more dolphins, flying fish have been throwing themselves onto our trampoline in some kind of weird sacrificial offering. And we saw a whale! Very briefly, one lumbered out of the water, witnessed only by Mia, Lochy Alan and mum. But definitely a whale. How exciting! Despite the 30 knots of wind, we still managed to have fish cakes and sticky toffee pudding for dinner - yum! Pos'n: 17.18W 38.30N

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Day 13 - a fishy tale

Lochy woke up this morning and said "this isn't our usual sea." Meaning; not a ripple out there. Pure still blueness. Ie, another day of no wind, so the engine has been on all day again. We put the clocks back another hour, so we are GMT -2 now. Alan, ever determined to catch a fish, had the lucky lure out at first light. Couldn't resist the old, putting-a-can-of-tuna-on-the-end-of-the-line gag today as it looked like another day of fishy nothingness. However, whilst he took the joke in good humour, this seemed to spur Alan on to get a blasted fish. He changed the lure. We continued to rib him about his lack of fishing prowess. Then he caught a fish. A beautiful one too. No idea what it was. Beautiful blue/yellow in colour, with a sail for a fin, a long tail and a blunt rounded face. Any ideas? Tasted good, and none of us have dropped dead yet, so everyone was happy. Chloe cooked us amazing foccachia bread for lunch and pizzas for dinner yesterday, so enjoyed her 'feet-up' day today. Mia and Lochy wrote their message in a bottle, that was given to them as a present by Aunty Wendy and we enjoyed watching them drift off. At this rate, they'll get to land on the current quicker than us!! However the forecast is for the wind to start picking up from tomorrow, so fingers crossed...Posn 17.19N 36.49W

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01/31/2011 | Jason
Was it a Dorado? Or are they only pacific? Read about them in 'Survive the Savage Sea" and the description fits. Its a good read (if your not on a sailing boat mid ocean with whales around).
lovely day for a swim!

Day 12. No wind. Nada. Not a sausage. Engine on, chugging along a little bit south to avoid the high, but this may be what it is going to be like for a couple of days. Everything is charging - laptops, IPods, headtorches, camera batteries whilst the engines are on. So, no wind, flat seas, what's a crew to do? Turn off the engine and jump in the Atlantic, of course. Oh, and take in the fishing lure that Alan still has dragging (pasta for dinner yesterday, not fish!) The kids had a ball, Chloe scored a 9.5 with her dive and Alan narrowly avoided showing us his white botty as his shorts fell off after an athletic dive too. Mine wasn't so much of a dive as a girly jump! OK, so I was in the water for approximately 2 minutes, but that is 2 minutes longer than the last time I crossed the Atlantic! And we got some good photos to prove it! So, we're probably adding days onto our trip, but we're having fun! Pos'n 17.25.18N 36.21.20W - half way!!

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01/29/2011 | m wagner
can't wait to see the photos! am plotting your course on google earth :) love the updates, keep them coming!
A beautiful day sailing

It's great that we can download GRIB weather reports from the SSB. They bare no resemblance whatsoever, however, to what we are actually experiencing in our current position. We are supposed to be having 7 knots of wind (not much) from NNW but whilst the direction is right at the moment (which is weird enough - where ARE the trade winds?!) We have had a steady 15-20 knots of wind all day, so we're not complaining. (This turned to 12 hours of 35 knots on the beam all night.)We will have to turn West at some point, or we'll end up in Brazil. We've pretty much gone through our fresh food and pre-prepared chillis etc, so Alan has put in an order with Lochy for a tuna for tomorrow - we've seen plenty of big fish swimming round the boat, preceded by flying fish getting out of their way. Chloe had her first solo night watch and did a grand job. Alan has been practising his whipping and splicing - we've reassured him that he has another couple of weeks to get it right! Ditto his ability to boil an egg - he's blaming the water. Or gas. Or altitude.

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1000 miles down

About 1800 to go. Day 9 in the house. Well, yesterday's pirate frivolity was put on hold as we went through a few squalls and the swell was yucky. Oh, and we blew the spinnekar. Which was probably fairly predictable but a shame nevertheless - not really sewable before Antigua. We won't say who was on watch at the time though because that just wouldn't be fair ;-) Rain for the first time since Gibraltar. Position: 20.36.63N 28.44.10W. Some flying fish action today; Lochy desperate to put out his lucky lure again, but we don't need fish just yet. I think I might have just topped the mother watch polls by baking foccachia bread for lunch - top that, Alan!! The competition's on!!

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01/25/2011 | rose marie crolla
hi, great to hear that your 1000mile mark is past. hope you are all well and had a wee toast to the baird maybe haggis is expecting too much in the middle of the big pond!or has lochy caught one with his lucky lure as they are shy little creatures! impressive bread making. must try some it sometime. tesco etc is just too handy! lots of love rose marie
Pirates Ahoy!

Today's theme picked by Chloe, we all raided our bags for pirate attire and the face paints came out for scars, beards and tattoos - we didn't account for the fact that the face paint had a sun block quality, rendering Mark's anchor tattoo with MUM written underneath permanently on his biceps after a particularly sunny day - classic!!! Luckily I had already put sun block on, so my tache and beard came off with no major mishap! Treasure maps, code busting and papier mache treasure chests were the school work for the day and the dolphins came out in force (with their babies - really cute) for a full hour. The wind died down at lunchtime, so we put the engines on but we've just found some wind so spinnekar is flying again. We also decided to put the clocks back by an hour today, randomly. Because we are pirates and we make the rules. Aaaaarrrrrgh. 770nms down.

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01/25/2011 | jason
Loving reading your updates. Glad it's going so well.

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