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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Are we there yet?

I think we are all having a can-we-just-get-on-and-get-there couple of days. It's quite lumpy and, I don't know about the others, but the French boat sped past us, which made me feel peed off, even though it was about a 60 foot catamaran with shiny new sails (yes, it got that close we could see!) We've lost two lures now as we are probably going too fast to catch anything, or what we have caught has been so big it's just bitten the lure right through. So, we are on (still very delicious) vegetarian cooking. We tried to avoid being on a goosewing (very rolly point of sail) but ended up a bit too far North, so are back to goosewinging - very good for the stomach muscles. One thing keeping me amused though is that Mark has turned into an upside down head - his beard is now longer than his crew cut, which makes me giggle every time I see him!

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02/03/2011 | Taryn Gordon
LOL - can just hear Al doing the French chat.. He is V competitive, try him on connect 4! Clearly losing the fishing comp thou :) Hope you all enjoy your last few days and enjoy the beer under the tree when you arrive!
Day 17

Well, not too much to report after the excitement of the whale yesterday, although we have just had radio contact with another yacht that has just come into sight - a French yacht bound for Guadeloupe. Having not seen another yacht since the day we left, it was nice to talk, even if they didn't understand Alan, despite him adopting the louder slower voice with a French accent, that my Dad used to do when abroad! Alan would also like it to be documented that he is 4 pints up on the Backgammon. Had we not written about the whale yesterday, I would have had to report that he was 44 pints up, so I am glad that I have knocked him back down a notch or two, as he has turned out to have quite a competitive streak!! Mark is taking a little getting used to the new watch system, having woken Alan up twice when he should have woken Chloe. Or is he sabotaging Alan's attempts to take over the Backgammon crown??!!

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02/01/2011 | rose marie
sounds like you are having a whale of a time! great to keep up with your progress. you may have the winds blowining you along but we are having a jet strea from canada that may well be bringing us yet more snow! bet you can't imanagine that ine you bikini's and speedos! lol rose marioe
This is what it's about

Two firsts. One, we broke our daily mileage record with 160nm in 24 hours. Woohoo! Two, we had a whale surfing on our bow for about 45 minutes today. All of us watched in absolute delight as the whale about 5-6 metres long swam along side of us, then played in the bow waves, ducking from one side of the boat to the next, then surfing through the large swell behind us. Actually, there may have been two, as it seemed to be in one place one minute, then completely different place the next, but can't say for sure. I think at one point, he was making a serious hit on the boat, in the mating sense of the word, showing us his under-belly. He must have been really excited once he realised we were twins (2 hulls LOL.) Mia and Lochy were nearly as excited as I was - it was AMAZING!!! This is what it is all about. Pos'n: 17.30.24N 43.20.42W

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Whoop whoop for the trade winds!

Finally! The winds are behind us and we are cantering along at 7-8 knots with the wind on our derriere - much more comfortable! I think Mark just wants to be there now, as when asked if we should reef down, he replied, "no, let's keep the speed up!" However, we are officially into our third week now, so all probably just watching the fix getting closer to Antigua on the chart and I am secretly hoping we will be there by the 7th - my birthday, as I 'd like to celebrate with a pina colada in my hand! Alan has taught us all chess, so Lochy and Mia are requesting a daily game and we in turn have taught Alan and Chloe Backgammon - Alan's competitive streak shining on through (he is 5 beers up on the backgammon front!)

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what a difference a day makes

Whoa! We though the wind would pick up last night and so it did. So I am not going to complain that it is just West of North 30 knots and so very lumpy and beamy. Rather than nonchalantly wandering round the boat at will, we are back to one hand for the boat; our knees bent in a 'brace for another wave' position! However, we are heading West at 7 knots with 3 reefs in the main so making good progress. Mark has been repairing the spinnaker with the sewing machine whilst the engines have been on so we may get some more action yet for that sail (though not right now!!) We saw some more dolphins, flying fish have been throwing themselves onto our trampoline in some kind of weird sacrificial offering. And we saw a whale! Very briefly, one lumbered out of the water, witnessed only by Mia, Lochy Alan and mum. But definitely a whale. How exciting! Despite the 30 knots of wind, we still managed to have fish cakes and sticky toffee pudding for dinner - yum! Pos'n: 17.18W 38.30N

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Day 13 - a fishy tale

Lochy woke up this morning and said "this isn't our usual sea." Meaning; not a ripple out there. Pure still blueness. Ie, another day of no wind, so the engine has been on all day again. We put the clocks back another hour, so we are GMT -2 now. Alan, ever determined to catch a fish, had the lucky lure out at first light. Couldn't resist the old, putting-a-can-of-tuna-on-the-end-of-the-line gag today as it looked like another day of fishy nothingness. However, whilst he took the joke in good humour, this seemed to spur Alan on to get a blasted fish. He changed the lure. We continued to rib him about his lack of fishing prowess. Then he caught a fish. A beautiful one too. No idea what it was. Beautiful blue/yellow in colour, with a sail for a fin, a long tail and a blunt rounded face. Any ideas? Tasted good, and none of us have dropped dead yet, so everyone was happy. Chloe cooked us amazing foccachia bread for lunch and pizzas for dinner yesterday, so enjoyed her 'feet-up' day today. Mia and Lochy wrote their message in a bottle, that was given to them as a present by Aunty Wendy and we enjoyed watching them drift off. At this rate, they'll get to land on the current quicker than us!! However the forecast is for the wind to start picking up from tomorrow, so fingers crossed...Posn 17.19N 36.49W

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01/31/2011 | Jason
Was it a Dorado? Or are they only pacific? Read about them in 'Survive the Savage Sea" and the description fits. Its a good read (if your not on a sailing boat mid ocean with whales around).

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