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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Gybe, gybe, tack tack gybe

Blimey! It's been squall city in the Atlantic, with gusts of up to 40 knots - which is fine as it's on our bum. It's been a day of gybing - some intentional, some accidental - Chloe gets the record for the most gybes in a watch - some intentional, some accidental! And it's been raining and raining and raining. Alan, however, managed to get a shower in it so he has been eliminated from the curious smell emanating from the port side - we have tracked it down to the bilges as a result of defrosting the fridge; but it was very close to Alan's bunk, so he was a suspect for a while!! We are trying to dry out our kit so as not to have too uncomfortable a night. Alan, Mark and I are hoping for more sleep as it was 3 men on for most of last night. A beautiful full rainbow on the bow today, but no pot of gold floating at the end, which was very close to our boat. Pos'n 17.25.90N 53.54.90W

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02/06/2011 | Annette
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Here's to you, girl!!! love the blog. Congratulations. Sounds as though sand between the toes and an iced P.C. are but a day away. I am sooo chuffed for the J4 + 2. Well done crew. M and L can definately cash in on an early half-term hol. We'll be hitting the slopes. Slightly different apparel. Keep writing, love from all G-Cs. Will show Fairy God-daughter blog tomorrow. Ax
02/06/2011 | Samba
You guys are doing amazingly! We have been avidly following your blog (along with Eol) and we discuss your progress daily as are all in Las Palmas. Hoping you get there very soon, and Happy Birthday! We are setting sail tomorrow, and are just about ready...hope the rainy weather doesn't come to greet us too, but we will certainly be keeping the oilies close to hand! All the best, Mel, Pete, Luke & Samxxxx
Sushi, anyone?

If we are going to catch another mahi mahi, why not in a 40 knot squall in the pouring rain??!! At least Chloe has something to cook tonight - fillet of mahi mahi and sushi for starters. Yum! I think we are going to be arriving on the 8th now, so I'll just have to celebrate my birthday a day late, but the winds are in the wrong direction for Antigua, so we are zig-zagging our way there, a little slowly. Pos'n 17.29.66N 52.24.37W

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Bikinis away

Well, we've had to put the bikinis away and are back to our foulies as the sky has been grey and rainy for 2 days now. Even the moon hasn't bothered to put in an appearance, only rising at 6.30am - what's the point?! The sea continues to amaze me; now it's a charcoal grey to match the sky, but when the waves break, there's an amazing turquoisey bit at the top. More birds have been putting in an appearance - where do they come from?! Chloe got a flying fish on her lap during her last watch and we continue to throw a couple off the boat every day. Hitchhikers. I'm so chuffed with the way Chloe has mucked in during this sail. Having never sailed before, she is now putting reefs in the sails with the best of us. I tell you something, I can't imagine doing this sail with just the two of us - it would be so knackering. Having two extra crew has been an absolute blessing - highly recommended!! Probably saved Mark and I from divorce just having me not being sleep deprived. So, thank you Alan and Chloe!!

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Are we there yet?

I think we are all having a can-we-just-get-on-and-get-there couple of days. It's quite lumpy and, I don't know about the others, but the French boat sped past us, which made me feel peed off, even though it was about a 60 foot catamaran with shiny new sails (yes, it got that close we could see!) We've lost two lures now as we are probably going too fast to catch anything, or what we have caught has been so big it's just bitten the lure right through. So, we are on (still very delicious) vegetarian cooking. We tried to avoid being on a goosewing (very rolly point of sail) but ended up a bit too far North, so are back to goosewinging - very good for the stomach muscles. One thing keeping me amused though is that Mark has turned into an upside down head - his beard is now longer than his crew cut, which makes me giggle every time I see him!

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02/03/2011 | Taryn Gordon
LOL - can just hear Al doing the French chat.. He is V competitive, try him on connect 4! Clearly losing the fishing comp thou :) Hope you all enjoy your last few days and enjoy the beer under the tree when you arrive!
Day 17

Well, not too much to report after the excitement of the whale yesterday, although we have just had radio contact with another yacht that has just come into sight - a French yacht bound for Guadeloupe. Having not seen another yacht since the day we left, it was nice to talk, even if they didn't understand Alan, despite him adopting the louder slower voice with a French accent, that my Dad used to do when abroad! Alan would also like it to be documented that he is 4 pints up on the Backgammon. Had we not written about the whale yesterday, I would have had to report that he was 44 pints up, so I am glad that I have knocked him back down a notch or two, as he has turned out to have quite a competitive streak!! Mark is taking a little getting used to the new watch system, having woken Alan up twice when he should have woken Chloe. Or is he sabotaging Alan's attempts to take over the Backgammon crown??!!

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02/01/2011 | rose marie
sounds like you are having a whale of a time! great to keep up with your progress. you may have the winds blowining you along but we are having a jet strea from canada that may well be bringing us yet more snow! bet you can't imanagine that ine you bikini's and speedos! lol rose marioe
This is what it's about

Two firsts. One, we broke our daily mileage record with 160nm in 24 hours. Woohoo! Two, we had a whale surfing on our bow for about 45 minutes today. All of us watched in absolute delight as the whale about 5-6 metres long swam along side of us, then played in the bow waves, ducking from one side of the boat to the next, then surfing through the large swell behind us. Actually, there may have been two, as it seemed to be in one place one minute, then completely different place the next, but can't say for sure. I think at one point, he was making a serious hit on the boat, in the mating sense of the word, showing us his under-belly. He must have been really excited once he realised we were twins (2 hulls LOL.) Mia and Lochy were nearly as excited as I was - it was AMAZING!!! This is what it is all about. Pos'n: 17.30.24N 43.20.42W

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