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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Rain rain rain
03/30/2011, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

I was supposed to take the kids exploring yesterday so Mark could get on with the fridge, but it was pouring all day, so not only did we have to stay on the boat all day, but we had to keep the windows closed too - muggy city. We must have jumped in the sea about four times just to cool off. Kids managed to get some school work done with ear defenders on!! Today, we made sure we were off the boat all day so Mark could get on with the insulation. Kids have been swimming pretty much all day in the pool in the marina with a new Finnish friend. Lochy and he got on like a house on fire and Lochy only pulled a strop when some English speaking kids turned up and tried to impose verbal rules to the games! Hopefully, Mark will show up in the next couple of hours to take us home! Mia is enjoying her history project - her family tree. I thought she could just do her Grnadparents/cousins etc, but no, she's on a mission. SO, anyone who can help, please get in touch!!

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Lazy Day
03/28/2011, Rodney Bay, St Lucia

A delightfully lazy day, and a happy one too as Lochy slept for a full 14 hours and had his roast chicken dinner from the night before, followed by weetabix! We did some school (on a Sunday, I know!) but that means we can have Monday off. We couldn't really officially go ashore as customs isn't open, so that gave us the perfect excuse to stay on the boat; dodging the insulation that Mark has out whilst he repairs the fridge. He has discovered that the thermostat had a dodgy connection and now he has cleaned it up, the fridge does go off and on, so maybe we won't need something new after all, but we are still adding another layer of insulation and making the fridge a top opener to save on the juice.
Kids enjoyed painting, drawing, reading and snorkelling. I caught up on the laundry! For some reason, our lovely Duogen wind/tow generator has started to make a noise whereas previously it was really quiet, so that's Mark's next project - a skipper's work is never done!
We enjoyed a visit from the boat boys selling all sorts of fruit. Unfortunately, we had already stocked up on some fruit before we left Martinique, so we just chose some wax apples to try - which the kids loved - alledgedly!

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Au revoir Martinique!
03/26/2011, St Lucia

Blimey! We didn't expect to be in Martinique for so long but it was so lovely to spend it with Samba and Eol and we shall certainly miss them now we have gone South. Of course they are all to blame for the fact that we are majorly behind for getting to Panama! But, today we left Martinique (and two packages there - may have to get ferry back for them LOL) and have arrived in St Lucia. A lovely beam reach all the way down, with a visit from a couple of dolphins. We knew we would arrive after sunset but Rodney bay seemed quite simple. On the way down, Mia and Lochy were introduced to every single scout and guide camp song that Mark and I could remember from our youth - lucky kids!!! We crept into Rodney bay, finding the anchorage and putting down lots of anchor chain, just in case!! I tihnk we have missed Steve Manning from Jersey by two days, but maybe we will catch up on the way down to Grenada. Lochy fell asleep at about 5pm and although we have tried really hard, we couldn't wake him up for his dinner. Looks like an early morning ahead. Good-oh!!

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One parcel arrived - two to go!

25 March 2011
Martin and Marilyn from Rocking Horse popped over to say goodbye - we had met them previously when Mark firstly popped over to compare duogens, secondly when we gave them some of our wahoo, and thirdly when they had come to Pegasus for drinks and to give us some invaluable information about the Pacific, having circumnavigated a few years back. We decided to head back to Le Marin, but it was a yucky lumpy wind-on-the-nose kind of passage and we were glad to be in the shelter of the natural harbour. Couldn't believe that we bumped into Rob and Sarah Bell whom we met in Antigua as we dinghied past each other on the way to the marina office. The kids were delighted to receive a parcel from Grandma. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for an amazon package (school books - kids not too disappointed!) and the artwork for our hull which is currently following us around the world. We missed it by three weeks in Lanzarote. Having been so beautifully designed by our friend, Debbie Buterbaugh in Jersey, we really hope to receive it soon!

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Mark gets busy
03/24/2011, Anse Mitan, Martinique

We left the rolly anchorage of Fort de France, having stocked up on school exercise books and embroidery thread for Mia's friendship bracelets. We had been warned by the lady in the sewing shop to put our wallets away and fasten our bags confirming what had already felt; that Fort de France was more like a city, with the usual lurking characters. This was confirmed further more by Pete telling us that he had chased some 'yoofs' out of dinghy who were trying to start the engine, whilst we were shopping. Filled up with diesal, water and changed our leaving-Martinique-date from 11th March to next Wednesday and then headed across the bay to Anse Mitan. Mark has also bought insulation panels to completely re-do the fridge in an attempt to conserve our energy. Although he has fixed the solar panels and they are now charging the batteries, the fridge is a constant drain. So today I think school will be brief and conducted in a cafe as we evacuate Pegasus in preparation for some furious fridge attacking. I'm glad we've distributed the wahoo to Samba and another yacht, Rocking Horse, as it won't last without a fridge..........the big question is will I last without a fridge?!

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Mark to the rescue

So, Mel, Clem and I head off for a walk, leaving the men in charge of the kids. Just what I needed! A lovely walk up and over the headland to Grande Anse, only slightly hampered by Clem breaking her flipflop. At least this gave us the opportunity to shop once we were in the village and then have a quick 'refreshment' break before heading back to do a headcount of all the children! How refreshing it was not to have Lochy moaning because he has sand in his crocs (you'd think he'd have got used to it by now, but if it was a psychological experiment, it would disprove the theory that if you give 'em more of what they have a phobia about, they'll get over it. They don't; they just whinge more.)
A quiet time had by Mark whilst I was away? Well, not quite! First, he watched his newly washed shorts fly over his head into the sea and sink very quickly! Secondly, he had to get his fenders at the ready as a Canadian boat dragged their anchor whilst they were ashore and nearly banged into us. Luckily, they didn't. However, as they continued to drag anchor and head backwards towards St Lucia, Mark then had the moral dilemma as to what to do. Does one watch as another boat drifts off, shrugging one's shoulders and saying "pity those Canadians didn't have a 25kg delta?" Or does one pursue said yacht in dinghy, board it, notice it has a second anchor, drop it (first checking that it is attached at the other end) Those who know Mark will know that he wouldn't have gone for the first option and he now has a bottle of wine as thanks. Obviously, he first had to explain to the crew, as they rapidly approached the yacht that he wasn't the reason the boat wasn't in its original position! THIRDLY (as if that's not enough excitement for the day!) when Mark got back to Pegasus, a jet skier fell off his wake-producing, noise-polluting excuse of a fun activity (BAH HUMBUG!) Mark didn't think he needed to help, until the rescuer in a dinghy, whilst dragging the offending vessel back to the party boat, fell out of the dinghy and couldn't get back in as it was still in forward drive mode. Once again, Mark comes to the rescue! I think he was quite pleased to see me, as it was just too exciting when I was away!
We had a lovely evening on Eol, except for the fact that I came away with table envy (theirs is cut in half which makes the inside of their saloon twice as big,) cushion envy (theirs are not ripped) and de-clutter envy (but then, those who know me well know I will never get tidy, no matter how hard I try!)

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