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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Jelly fish stings and other things
05/02/2011, Prickly Bay, Grenada

So, what's new? Lochy is onto his 5th Harry Potter book. I guess if you are going to have obsessions, it's nice to have replaced the wii with reading. Mia is making a dragon book - lots of dragons on our boat at the moment, with both kids loving the 'how to train your dragon' series of books (the film not a patch on the book in my humble opinion!) Whit has been given a list to go through ( the purple list). He started well, by scrubbing the bottom of the boat, a job which was reluctantly transferred from the pink list (can't believe he stole that job off me!) and has been introduced to Hedley Le Maitre's "Take that Grouville" to get a cultural taste of Jersey. Much to our delight he can't get the words out of his head. We'll make him a bean yet!
Mark has been making rudders and I have been trying to get the kids back into school. We took Finn and Oscar from Xicale to the beach this afternoon where all the kids had great fun jumping off the pontoons, until Finn got stung by a jellyfish. He's a tough little cookie (unlike my delicate two, who would have let the whole beach know if they'd been stung!) who nonchalently strolled out of the sea to tell me he'd been stung. The dive school next door gave us some vinegar to put on and then I delivered him back to his boat, apologising to his parents for the fact that he had growing welts on his arm and stomach!
An early night for all, as a trip to the local hardware store beckons tomorrow for the next important job on the purple list - making a potato cannon!!

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still here...........
05/01/2011, Prickly Bay, Grenada

I like Prickly Bay. I like de Big Fish. But I want to leave. We need to get through the Panama canal and I wanted to see San Blas on the way. But the rudder is still in progress - Mark working all the hours to get it fixed. It just takes a while. Whit Mia and I went to a reading project that is run by a Christian couple here in Grenada to help local kids with their reading. It was nice to take Mia along to meet some local girls, one of whom is a Brownie, so some badge swapping took place. Although we enjoyed the project, we really hope we won't be here next week to return!
The cockpit resembles a workshop and both Mark and I felt abit itchy today after the fibreglass was sanded down. Whit and I had some jobs to get through, including putting the spinnekar halyard back up the mast. With Whit's history of bumping his head on the bimini and tripping over ropes, we got Mark to supervise the first time of me going up the mast! Especially since I was re-running the safety line and so didn't have one until I was up there!
Mia was sad to say goodbye to Ealish, having spent long fun-filled days with her over the past week. We've tried to get back into school but there have been play date interruptions for both Mia and Lochy and then neither thought it was fair that they did school work on the day of the Royal Wedding! So, not much more to report. Which is why I hadn't written anything for a couple of days. So this is Pegasus feeling a bit blue and wanting to get going..........

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05/02/2011 | sophie wiliams
Hi mia its me sophie. I really mis you.
I went to watch the royal wedding it was orsom.wishing you a save journey. lots of love Sophie xxx
Goodbye Zephyr (sniff)
04/26/2011, Prickly Bay, Grenada

But you're not allowed to go home, you haven't finished the rudder! Today we said goodbye to Steve and Gissy from Zephyr (Jersey). It's been a weekend of goodbyes. Yesterday, we said goodbye to Oskari from Copihue. Today Zephyr. Steve has been absolutely amazing helping Mark with the rudder and it has been a blast meeting Gissy. It seems like so much longer than 10 days that we first met her and we are so sad that they have gone home, however we are making the most of the food etc that she left behind for our use ;-)
Mia spent the whole day with Ealish. Lochy tried out his metal detector; it needs a little more tweaking before it will be fully functional!
Yesterday, we had a great BBQ on the beach with Rikki and Kim; Lochy and Mia were really happy to meet their two dogs Jessie and three legged Tripod and then watch telly for the evening. School has started again, with Mia and Lochy writing letters to their friends in Jersey that Ealish will hand deliver. LOchy has decided that when he grows up he wants to be a quarter scientist, a quarter animal saver, a quarter electrician and a quarter normal person. Go Lochy!

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Easter Bonnet Parades
04/24/2011, de Big Fish

Mia was excited to have Ealish for a sleepover on the boat, the Kinleys having come over to see the boat earlier in the day. Saturday morning was spent hurredly making Easter bonnets for the parade at de Big Fish. Kim had put on a great day for the kids with prizes for everyone (Lochy winning the scariest bonnet contest with his dragon hat and Mia winning most traditional bonnet with her battle of flowers style paper flowers!) There was also pass the parcel and bite the doughnut contest and we ended up spending the whole day there. Ealish's dad Peter took Mark to a couple of hardware stores to buy a planer to replace a victim to the rudder cause and so he popped back to the boat for more work on the rudder. This week it was Mark's turn to go to Bananas with Whit, Steve and Gissy, but he came home at a much more sedate time than last week, so he could be fresh for today - another day's work on the rudder. He has just come back for lunch with a beautiful specimen of wood workmanship, largely thanks to Steve; we're thinking a profession in surfboard building may be the way forward! A very relaxed day today after the excitement of yesterday, with the kids making a treasure hunt for Whit to find his Easter egg. I might take Lochy to the beach later to use his latest toy - a metal detector that he acquired by radioing in on the Grenada sailors net on channel 68 - that's my boy!!

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magical mystery tour
04/22/2011, Touring Grenada

One of my tasks was to see if I could get a good deal on a taxi tour of the island for the Zephyr and Pegasus crew and I thought I did a fine job at haggling down to a fair price, so an early start, we headed across with an esky full of picnic food for a full day's trip. Grenada is rugged and lush green and just driving through was a beautiful experience and that was before the waterfalls, rainforest, chocolate and rum factories!
We all enjoyed a swim at the falls. There were about 4 locals who jumped 50 feet into the pool from a rock above if you paid them enough. When Gissy aproached them to see if she could jump herself, they wanted to charge her US$20 for the privilage, so we sacked that idea!
Next was lunch at the rainforest lake which is a volcanic crater. Lochy was pleased to see Malik there again. What are the chances?! We went on a little stroll more than a hike and could hear a really loud shrieking noise like a car alarm every few minutes. We weren't sure if it was a frog or a bird, so a trip to the visitors centre was made to enquire - unfortunately I'm not sure we could rely on the guides' response, one of whom said it was a mocking bird, the other said it was a bug.
Mia and Lochy loved the cocoa bean factory where we all had a little dance on the beans to help the process, the adults all loved the rum factory. We had little tasters at the end of both tours which pleased everyone appropriately!!
A really great busy day enjoyed by all. We didn't really think it could be any better until we bumped into Ealish, one of Mia's best friends from her school in Jersey, at de Big Fish in the evening. What are the chances?! Neither of us knew that the other would be in Grenada so it was a really lovely surprise, especially as only a couple of weeks ago, Mia was saying how she wished her Jersey friends could see our boat because no-one knew what it looked like! It looks like we'll have a busy few days ahead!

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Welcome Whit!
04/20/2011, Prickly Bay, Grenada

I didn't know flights existed at 4am, but they do and so at 5.30am, Whit arrived at Grenada to join our crew from the US. We had agreed that I would meet him at 7am at de Big Fish, but I was tracking his flight on the internet and it said he hadn't left, so I just sat tight until I saw he was online. Receiving a reply to my suggestion that he must be still in Trinidad, that no, he was waiting at de Big Fish sent us into a flurry of action and within the hour he was settled onto our boat and enjoying a swim off the back!
Mark worked hard on the rudder all day, so Whit and I headed off to Grande Anse beach where Lochy met Malik, visiting his aunt from the US. The kids had forgotten their flipflops again, which is a regular occurance. This only created a problem when the ground was too hot for them to walk and then they weren't allowed in the supermarket. We did however, manage to buy crepe paper for their Easter bonnets, so once back at the boat, they got cracking with them. early night for all in the very hot boat - please, wind, come back,we really need you!!

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