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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Phew, that's better!

15 July 2011
Well, thankfully today has been a little easier on the stomach muscles and we could get back to the business of having fun on the boat. The kids have been playing on the recorder (thank goodness we don't have neighbours!) making clay models and are so nearly at the end of their maths for the year - yeehah! During the watch change over between Whit and I at 2am last night, I taught him how to make bread, just in case he's bored at night! Now we are going between goosewinging and beam reaching, trying to decide which is better (goosewinging in the right direction, beam reaching is faster!) One of the other boats will make landfall today in Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, but I'm not jealous yet; we're rather enjoying the altogether slower pace of life for now. Mark has been busy with the electrics again and has now made all the nav instruments talk to each other (they should have done a while ago!) so now we can sail our autopilot to wind now instead of to a course. Oh, I can see your eyes glazing over......Also, today Mark and I are remembering our friend Robbie who died three years ago today - where does the time go? Current pos: 06.34S 112.10W

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Hold on to your knickers

14 July 2011
Just a short one today. It's been one of those 'one hand on the boat' kind of days with a constant 30 knots of wind. It's all behind us-ish, so not so bad but very tiring. I had asked Whit the day before if he could cook today - he surpassed himself, given the conditions as pots and pans were sliding around. At least he made up for wrapping the fishing line around the tow generator earlier today when bringing in an imaginary fish! It's been a very tiring day and whilst we are pleased to have made good mileage (145 miles in 24 hours) - oh, I'm not even going to complain - be careful what you wish for! Wind is good, as those with no wind ahead of us would contest. Curr Posn: 06.12S 110.46W.

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13 July 2011

Ha! We got one. A beautiful big mahi mahi. Finally! This time we slowed the boat right down and carefully hauled him onboard. So we have some lovely fillets for tonight's meal - perfect timing! We've also had about 6 more bites but somehow, we're not hooking them. The wind has picked up again all day and whilst others don't have a breath of wind ahead of us, we're once again enjoying 20-24 knots of wind and so trotting along in the right direction. It was painting day for the kids, bread baking day for me (long long awaited by Whit!) and Mark submitted his entry to the great yellow banana contest in the form of a rather scrummy banana and vanilla smoothie. We're still in touch with three other yachts by SSB. Can you believe that Gerry from West by North who is on a 6000nm trip back to Vancouver with his wife after a 20 year circumnavigation was 80 a couple of days ago - I'm not sure the kids will be too happy with us if we're still dragging them round the world in 20 years time. But for now, they seem happy enough. Curr Pos: 05.44S 107.40W

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The ones that got away

12 July 2011
Our frozen food has defrosted (we don't have a freezer, just a friendly restaurant in Galapagos that froze some meals I had cooked) and we are on to our last prepared meal. It's been lovely not having to do too much cooking over the past week, but just pulling out a risotto here, a lasagne there. But that's all come to an end. And we need fish. Our lure went out yesterday; we caught a beautiful mahi mahi. Then just as we had it on the back steps it jumped away, luckily not taking our lure with it. This happened not once, not twice but three times. At this stage we changed our lure and now we haven't had so much of a nibble all day. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!
The wind dropped over night so we put one of our engines on, then it's picked up again today, but oh, if only we had our spinneker. Pegasus needs a good stiff breeze to get going and even though we have 15-17 knots of wind, we're doing 4.5 -5 knots of speed only, which is the same as the other boats who have only 9 knots of wind but a spinnekar.
Still, it's beautiful out here. We're really enjoying the sail. There was a beautiful sunset tonight. Mia has been learning how to play taps on the recorder so we are treated to that at each sundown. We're really cracking on with the school work so that we can have a holiday when we get to the Marquesas. I'm not sure we'll have the full 6 weeks off school work, given that we only do a couple of hours a day anyway. I've finally picked up the second volume of War and Peace - really dragging it out, but I'm determined to finish it - if only I could get into it! Curr Position: 05.03S 105.47W

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07/14/2011 | Sarah Bell
Found a great website at Wikipedia for sad people like me who have a fascination with collective nouns. Have only got rd to blog reading re squid - squid are hen & cock, chick, collectively either roundup or audience - which would you apply, audience?!
Sail safely and v impressed with mast climb xxx
The great yellow banana contest

11 July 2011
The rules, as dictated by Mia. 50 bananas. Each competitor must make up a new recipe that includes bananas. You can help other people. You cannot copy other people. Points will be given for presentation, number of bananas used, inventiveness (my rules!) So far, Mia and Lochy have submitted their dishes and it has to be said, we'll be hard pushed to beat them. I have already made 2 banana loaves, but Lochy made a banana cake that was better than anything I have ever baked. Whilst I was sous-chef, I didn't really do anything other than reach the ingredients he couldn't reach so it was his own doing. Delicious. Mia presented a banana surprise with caramelised brown sugar cream and homemade biscuit topping, with Mark as a sous-chef. The grown-ups are yet to submit, but Whit has been planning for two days and may, I suspect, be touting for the most-bananas-used prize. Why on earth did we buy so many bananas?!!
The wind dwindled a little yesterday afternoon, but our daily mileage was 140nms. Today's I suspect will be a little less, although the wind has picked up again. Mia and Mark were treated to a nighttime display of dolphins - the first of this leg - and everyday we have about 20 storm petrels flying around our boat. First thing I will look up when we get to land is how/where do they sleep at night? They're not landing on our boat, but they are with us every afternoon - where do they go?!
Curr posn: 04.10S 103.24 W A quarter of the way there!

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Groundhog Day

10 July 2011

Not that I'm complaining. Other boats in front of us have had the winds die down to 5-10 knots whereas we are continuing to enjoy 20 knots of wind and 6-7 knots of boat speed. The sun is out, the sky is blue; hopefully tonight we can look forward to seeing some stars as it's been a bit cloudy the past few nights. Now I'm going to have to look up constellations for the Southern hemisphere as I find myself a bit lacking! We had the engines on for a couple of hours today, so we could heat some water and have our Sunday wash - crew Pegasus is officially clean! We've been a bit lacking in the marine life department (if you're not counting being slapped round the face by a squid); not so much as a dolphin, turtle or whale, but we are only in day 5 so there's plenty of time for that. It would be quite nice to see another boat, but it's a wide wide sea this Pacific and the other boats we are in contact with are either a few hundred miles behind or in front of us!
Mark and Lochy have had their obligatory 6 month shear; the girls are waiting for a peaceful anchorage before cutting each others' hair - I've just realised that it's been 5 months since we last had a trim :-) Two banana cakes on the table, 47 ripe bananas left to eat up.
Ooh, what else? We're all learning abit of French every day using a computer programme Mark downloaded. Just as Lochy was saying Gracias, we've now got to get him saying "merci" again! He's enjoying reading "Swallows and Amazons" and Mia is still planning the little sailing boat she is going to build when we are in NZ. A bit bitty, today's blog. Love to all, Cath xx

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