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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
Crabcakes and movies

23 July 2011
400 miles to go (not that I am counting down at all!) Our duogen tow attachment has now been fixed three times by Mark and each time he fixes a piece, another piece goes. Not happy. So we have the wind generator going again. Less mileage today, but the winds have picked up to 30 knots again now.That didn't stop me from making some rather lovely crab cakes and mashed potato for dinner. Yum. When we were in Prickly Bay, we were given a whole bunch of food by those who were leaving their boats in Grenada for the summer and returning home. Hence the tinned crab. Very nice too. Also, Steve and Gissy, I don't know who made the homemade chutney you passed on to us, but please can we have some more; we've finished the last jar and it was delicious!! Mia and I watched the second Harry Potter movie. Lochy may get to see it tomorrow if his manners improve. Our fishing lure went so deep and we were going so fast that it broke the rod by pulling it in, so fish is now officially off the menu. Hmm, what else? Ooh, yeah, tomorrow is a really big day for the Jackson Four on tour and to find out why, you'll have to tune in tomorrow. Until then........current post: 08.54S 132.02W

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Best before ......

22 July 2011
How long do you think a can can go beyond its best before date? A month? Two? Well, Whit just pointed out that the pineapple rings I suggested he opened (yes from Jersey!) had a BBD of May 2010 and to me - and I've got a nose for things not quite right - they taste fine. Incidently I hadn't opened the pineapple rings just because I had gammoned Whit in Backgammon but it seems like a good opportunity to keep you up to date with the scores on the doors! Mark cooked some excellent shortbread and Mia, Lochy and I blitzed their 'toy shelves' in the saloon - all in 35 knots of wind. We're so used to it now that I think we'd be disappointed if our speed dropped - 167 miles today. Last night bought us a mile from a very large tanker, but thanks to our AIS, we could see it from 60 miles away and we knew at what time it would pass us and at what distance, so we didn't need to go through the 'shall we call them' scenario, though it would have been a good time to test out my French "Le homard brun est sale, mais l'epouse jaune est plus sage que l'oncle mince" google translate THAT one! Current pos'n: 08.29S 129.36W

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ooh, that's better

21 July 2011
Sorry about the moan yesterday. Much better today. Last night was probably the windiest we've had, but with two reefs in the main we were doing 7-8 knots most of the night and today we had an all time high of 150nms for our daily mileage. I don't know whether Pegasus could go any faster, but crossing the Pacific is not the time to see how fast you can push her before the mast goes ping! We have always erred on the side of caution so when people say 'but she's a catamaran, she must go faster' we just think we are happy with the speed we have - we're not really in any rush. The winds lessened from the 35-42 knots we had consistently through the night to a more comfortable 25-30 during the day and we didn't have any squalls, so all in all a better day, sailing-wise. We had a red-footed boobie land on our boat today - surely it has lost it's way, as I thought they were only found in the Galapagos 2000 miles back the way! With 690 mile left to go, it feels like the countdown has begun. Current position: 08.07S 127.22W

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Are we nearly there yet?

20 july 2011
That's not the kids asking; it's me. Today for me anyway has been one of those can-it-just- be-over-with kind of days. The wind was back down to a comfortable 20-25 most of the day but we've had squalls of 30 knots and the sea is quite lumpy and now it's back up there. It can't be that bad as Mia is not suffering, but maybe I just needed a duvet day or maybe it's the headache, but Whit and Mark have pretty much been holding the fort today. current pos: 08.10S 124.30W

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Hide and seek

19 July 2011

You'd think there weren't that many places to hide on a boat. And you'd be right. However, that didn't stop us from having fun for an hour or so, with more unusual hiding places being up Whit's t- shirt (Lochy) and in the sink (mum.) It's been another slightly tiring day of higher winds in the 30s and school wok has been put on the back burner, though Mia has now officially finished her maths curriculum for the year. The diaries that we started when we left Jersey are now almost full showing that we left Jersey nearly a year ago. I can't believe that we have maintained them daily for a whole year. Blood sweat and tears, but they're done! I forgot to mention we caught another fish yesterday - skipjack tuna. Well, I didn't forget, I just didn't know how to say it in French! We've been sailing for 2 weeks now. All the other boats we were in radio contact with have now made landfall, having left a week before us. We have a little over 1000 miles left to go. Oh, I forgot to mention, Mark fixed the duogen today. There is one piece that keeps breaking. We got it fixed in Panama but it broke again. Luckily he can bolt the offending bit together. We've actually been really pleased with the duogen generally, so we miss it when it's not working. I hope we can get a replacement bit on warranty. Curr post: 07.29S 122.16W

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Un blog francais

Est ce il y'a un mot francais pour 'blog?' Je pense que c'est 'blog.' Aujourdhui, j'ecrie en francais parce que j'apprende le francais sur cet voyage. J'apprende les phrase comme "la truite rouge n'est pas sale" et "l'argent et dans la valise mince" et les autres phrases tres importante! Aujourdhui, le vent est tres fort - 30-40knots. Le soleil a disparru est nous sommes fatigue! Nous avons la soupe de chou pour le diner - c'etais tres bonne, par surprise! Je pense qu'il y a 8-9 jours jusqu'on arrive a Fatu Hiva - bravo!! Eol, vous aimez mon francais??!! position: 07.07.05Sud 119.43.90 Ouest!)

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07/23/2011 | EOL
Bravo pour cet effort ! Catherine tu as d'autant plus de mérite qu'il y a plus d'îles anglophones que francophones !
Au plaisir de vous revoir et bon vent !

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