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The Jackson Four on Tour
Operation 'sell Pegasus of Jersey' begins""
testosterone depletion
09/14/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

Well, Mark left at 10am to catch a noon flight and I've heard from him that he has safely arrived in Rangiroa, all ready to set sail first thing tomorrow morning. As he left, he mentioned that if I could just do the 200 hour oil change for both engines whilst he was gone and order some filters and a sterling smart charger that would be great - oh, and the engines need more diesel and don't forget to turn on the engines twice a day to charge the batteries. Once Mark had gone and school was finished, Pacific Bliss came over to collect the kids and I blitzed the boat - I even saw the table again! Cosmo has totally restored my faith in Lochy's ability to make friends as they are getting on so well and the girls, well girls are girls aren't they?! I've never had the same concerns that Mia would turn around and deck her 'friend' in the same way Lochy might! And now? Pegasus is having a girly sleep over and Pacific Bliss is having a boys sleep over - the girls are watching a film and everything is calm and lovely. Oh PS, I think I might have a job lined up for NZ - fingers crossed - now where is my CV?!

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Meeting Pacific Bliss
09/13/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

Another British boat! Probably the first British Flagged boat we have come across that actually has a British family on board. Lochy has made best buddies with Cosmo, 6 and Mia has hit it off with Zinia, 9. Shame they are heading North and not South! They are being far more sensible and taking it slowly through the Pacific, heading back up to the Marquesas for the cyclone season. We, on the other hand, will soon be rushing through the last part of the Pacific to NZ, once we have our batteries sorted. It is a bit disheartening that Mark, who has previously diagnosed and treated all sorts of other boats' electrical problems can't see what's wrong with our own batteries. It's a problem. We need to sort it out. Which is why Mark is flying out to the Tuamotus tomorrow to help another boat come back to Tahiti. Daniel, who we met in Nuka Hiva has had problems getting crew for the last part of his return to Tahiti, so he is flying Mark out to help him bring his boat the last 200 miles. They should be back by Friday. In the meantime, the kids and I can get on with school and socialising with Pacific Bliss. I think it will be good for Mark to get away from Tahiti for a couple of days and enjoy sailing on another boat (lagoon 40 something) before coming back to Pegasus and her battery problem.
I think I won't be using the kayak we have borrowed whilst Mark is away - the kids and I paddled over to Goody today to say hello. Paddling back against wind and current definitely gave my biceps a good working out of Popeye proportions.

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So many places, so little time
09/11/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

Not much to report, getting back into school in the morning, hanging out with Goody in the afternoon, Mark went back into town to get the rig fixed so that's a good job ticked off the list. The batteries are misbehaving themselves at the moment, so that's the next job. We have decided to get some more parts sent here, so will be here at least another week, then off to Bora Bora. After that, we are really trying to decide where to go, with limited time. Or rather where to miss out, when everywhere seems so lovely. I have to keep reminding myself that we will be doing another season in the South Pacific after NZ but it doesn't help having Graham and Lorraine from Catacaos in Jersey a month ahead of us. They have been great at recommending places, and we've been following in their footsteps for a while now, but there are so many places. Mark is going to help Mike and Jackie from Yolo come off their mooring today; I have given Mike strict instructions not to keep Mark until they get to Bora Bora - a 50 foot catana beautiful catamaran - I'd be tempted to stay myself, if I didn't have a beautiful wife and gorgeous children on my own boat of course!

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Getting back into the swing of school!
09/08/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

It's been a while, so we thought we'd better crack on with school whilst we're settled here for a couple of weeks. Having seen all the photos of friends' children on FB in their new school uniforms I did feel quite glad that Pegasus uniform is the kids in their undies, though I did have to buy a new pair of flip flops for Lochy today! School is nothing too strenous - maths, diary, history, science. Lochy is still writing his animal book which is NOT school work, mum. And all the art, music, design and technology comes out of school time. So, we basically do a couple of hours a day. I don't know how we have fallen into the habit of Lochy complaining so much about school, but yesterday was a good day. I can definitely count the good days more easily than the bad as they fit on one hand. Mia seems to take after her mother with the maths, so I think we'll squeeze some extra in whilst we're here. At least when we go to NZ, school term doesn't start until January, so this term can just be spent consolidating!
It is really expensive here. About £6 for some grapes, £4 for a loaf of bread. I've even cut down on my chocolate consumption as it's about £3 for a crunchie! We've taken to baking our own treats with the stocks we have on the boat already. So, when we get to NZ we'll be down to our last bag of flour and sugar as we're not over-provisioning here!

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A trip to A and E (not for us!)
09/06/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

Yesterday, we decided to put aside the whole day for customs, immigration and port authorities - and we pretty much needed it. A bus ride into downtown. Everything is really cloes together but the police weren't in their office until 3pm. However we can tick that one off the list now. We checked at the post office for any parcels but unfortunately they haven't arrived yet.
Today, Mark went back into town, borrowing Goody's fast outboard and dinghy and going by sea as he couldn't really take the gas bottles on the bus. In the meantime, I took the kids over to Goody after schoolwork and had a lovely time there. That is until Dirk, who celebrated his 2nd birthday on Sunday, fell through the saloon hatch 6 foot below and split his head on the corner of the couch. Suffice to say, there was an awful lot of blood, a big deep cut (down to his scalp) and a trip to the hospital. Luckily, Mark was back by then, so he took the 3 remaining kids whilst Jacolette and I got a lift in with her mechanic to the hospital. 6 stitches later and we've just seen Goody back to their boat for the night after feeding them. It cost about £30 for the hospital consultation and £100 for the prescription which consisted of bandages and some paracetamol. Not such a nice outing but Dirk is fine and can look forward to be woken up 2 or 3 times tonight just to check he hasn't got concussion. Jacolette is under strict instructions to VHS us tonight if we need to go back to hospital but considering what he's been through, Dirk was in quite good spirits.

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09/08/2011 | Mary af Rvarhamn
Oh, my good. Poor little Dirk. Give them all our love.
Busy Tahiti
09/04/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

4 September 2011
So, on the afternoon of the 3rd, we made our way into the anchorage to meet Goody. It was quite hairy coming round the coast of Tahiti, after not seeing another boat for quite a while. We had to negotiate a fast-moving passenger ferry here, a stubborn fishing boat there. Tahiti has a fringe of reef, so on the outside it looks choppy with wind, then there is a surf over the reef that you can't see and then it is beautifully calm with turquoise waters and many many yachts at anchor. When we came through the pass, we didn't just have to navigate through the channel markers but also jetskis, mini speedboats and wakeboarders, most who liked to fall off just in front of us! We were pleased to eventually find Goody, but it was so busy near them and most of the yachts were on buoys. Eventually we found a buoy, tied up and spent a lovely evening catching up with Jacolette, the kids playing nicely together.
We were woken at about 6am the next morning by the owner of a floating bar who wanted us off his buoy - oops! He did us a favour really though as we could moor up to the marina and fill our water tanks - bliss, get rid of our rubbish and make an early start on the laundry. It really is Piccadily Circus here, so finding a spot to anchor was difficult, but we are now squeezed in probably closer to other boats than our liking in deeper water than we would normally choose. It's fine for now. A trip to the shops for a little provisioning set us back £100 - yikes- and then another play with Goody. I think we'll be seeing a lot of them over the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow will be Customs and Immigration day and then school can begin properly. Current location: 17.34S 149.37W

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