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JAM Vic Maui 2014
Vessel Name: JAM
Vessel Make/Model: J-160
Hailing Port: Fox Island, WA
About: Jones, Steve Case, Carol Greetham, Tom Greetham, Marty Hedwall, Alan Barnes, Bill Fox, John McPhail,Tom Mitchell
Recent Blog Posts
22 July 2014
Marty and Bill both did mast work while underway to replace spinnaker halyards.
22 July 2014 | Lahaina
We finished on July 20 after sailing in a tropical depression with drenching rain and winds of 30 its. One of our competitors lost his mast approaching the finish so we struck our spinnaker and covered the last 30 miles under a white sail forward.
12 July 2014 | 33 28.1'N:134 56'W, The NE Pacific
July 11, 2014 The Skipper is hanging his head tonight. His big plan to do an end around the light winds in the developing high pressure is not working. The current forecast has the high landing on us and freeing the boats to the west. Our southern jibe strategy looks like a loser, The Navigator tried to hand in his resignation but only the skipper can hold the can. Jones has another expression for that but I will not go there. Today we sailed in light air so we decided to get on with some repairs. Marty was first up the mast to feed in our fish line to put on the repaired starboard spinnaker halyard, Bill decided that Marty could not have all the fun at the top of the mast so he was hoisted up to feed the fish line for the port halyard. This job went far smoother than I anticipated. When are we going to finish is the question now being asked. We have another day or two of light air (we are now doing 2.3 knots) and then we are on our way. The Navigator is estimating July 20 or 21. Not a fast race.
11 July 2014 | 34 46.1'N:134 09'W, Haded to Maui
Skipper JAM July 10, 2014 We jibed to the SE last evening. There is an area of high pressure forecast to descend upon us tomorrow and we were headed right for the center of it. Our hitch to the south is to avoid the worst of it and hopefully be first to get the new wind and more of it when the high moves. [...]
10 July 2014 | 36 58.1'N:134 16.1'W, San Francisco is due east
July 9 We are 560 miles due west of San Francisco. Very concerned about the light winds forecast ahead of us as we have over 1500 miles to go. Marty is our rookie. He felt a little queasy the first few days out but he has adjusted well and is now 100 percent. After he surfed down a wave and hit 19.6 [...]
09 July 2014 | 39 59.8'N:131 24.5'W, Off Coast of California
July 8, 2014 We had a good days run of 242 miles in 20 kt breezes. Our concern is that the trade winds are very light and way south so we could get into light air in a couple of days. That could mean a very long race. Everyone is feeling fine and enjoying the fast downwind sailing. Tonight we had a great [...]
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