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JAMIN Adventures
Elixer and Toodle-oo! under sail
06/14/2012, On the way back from Cutty

Another great weekend with our buddy boats, Elixer and Toodle-oo!

04/24/2014 | Bill Balme
It's been 22 months since posting this - what happened - did you sell your boat or something????
06/01/2015 | Bill Balme
Another year passes. Must indeed have sold the boat...
That spinnaker looks pretty good!
06/13/2012, Off shore

We were very impressed with our spinnaker. It's actually pretty!

What happens in Cuttyhunk stays in Cuttyhunk - Part 4
06/11/2012, You know where

And the night wore on and the wine flowed freely .....

What happens in Cuttyhunk stays in Cuttyhunk - Part 3
06/11/2012, Cuttyhunk, MA

The night wore on and the wine flowed freely........

06/18/2012 | Bill Balme
It was indeed a wonderfully free-flowing evening!

Great work on the Blog guys!
What happens in Cuttyhunk stays in Cuttyhunk - Part 2
06/11/2012, Cuttyhunk, MA

We picked up a mooring in the inner harbor. Toodle-oo! and Elixer both anchored. Cocktails and appetizers started around 5:00. At 7:30 in a very "relaxed" state I put up the grill for Bill's BIG fish that was caught on the way to Cuddy. Jane worked in the galley to prepare the rest of the evening meal. We had Pork Picante over rice, salad, Bill's fish, and Diane's crab cakes. They said the fish was excellent ... I don't fish. If you were meant to eat fish it would have legs ... did I tell you I was from Ohio??????

This is a picture of our group still in a calm state.

To be continued .....

What happens in Cuttyhunk stays in Cuttyhunk - Part 1
06/11/2012, On the way to Cutty

This is a story about three boats on a trip to Cuttyhunk. Again we met up with Elixer on Third Beach, Middletown. It's a great stopping off anchorage for the islands. We tacked 10 times in southerly winds of 12 to 18 knots to get to Third Beach. It was a really nice sail. Elixer showed up close to sunset and we went over for sundowners on their boat. Of course, we would always say yes to an invitation to drink ... unless my drinking arm was injured.

So morning dawns with light winds. We left at 9:15 and took about 45 minutes to get out of the Sakonnet. We turned to Cutty and decided that this was the perfect time to TRY OUR SPINNAKER (that has been sitting in our attic for 8 years).

So here's the story. We took it out of the attic and brought it to Thurston Sails in Bristol to have it looked at and obtain a brief lesson on how to fly it!! Steve Thurston said it was practically new ... maybe due to the fact that we and obviously the previous owner never used it. The bottom line was that it really wasn't hard at all in light winds. I don't think it would be the same in 20 knots.

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