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JAMIN Adventures
Winches Rebuilt!
03/18/2012, Quality Boat Yard

Here's something you don't do every day .. take a Lewmar 65ST winch apart, clean, regrease, reassemble and it works!! Yea! So with that success I did 4 more winches, the other 65ST, two 56STs, and a 43ST. WOW! Let's see .. that took 5 hours and a few drinks afterwards.

1st post

Did you ever hear of a couple who bought the retirement boat and they couldn't retire because they had to pay off the boat??
So that was us, but good news ... it's paid off and so I decided to start the blog!!
Where are we? ... under cover in RI. So what do you do all winter? You work on the boat, plan things to buy and listen to your wife say we don't need it.
Find things to take apart ... that's always fun, but then you have to put it back together!!
So here is my winter list:
Sand sole in the whole boat ... that takes a while.
Replace the fresh water pump and all the belts on the main engine.
Rebuild all the seacocks ... all 15 plus of them.
Open up two unused fuel tanks to see if they are usable.
Rebuild aft head.
Take all the chainplates out and have them inspected by Bay Sailing. They are good (yea) so put them back in ... not really done with this yet.
Make a huge list of more things to buy at the Defender Sale (which the wife edits wildly), but I have tricks to get them. I found that if they are just in the cart somehow you get to buy them.

So this is the first blog. Let's see how this goes!

03/02/2012 | Perry
Good start.
03/02/2012 | Bill Balme
Good start indeed! What happens when Jane reads this - haven't you given away man's secret?

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