Jascat to the Bahamas

21 October 2014 | Docked along the St Lucie River in Stuart, Fl
13 October 2014 | Docked along the St Lucie Canal Between the Bridges
12 October 2014 | Anchored in the Manatee Pocket, Stuart, Fl
08 October 2014 | Anchored Between the Bridges
07 October 2014 | Anchored in Ding Darling
06 October 2014 | Pelican Bay
03 October 2014 | Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage
09 June 2014 | Sitting on the blocks in Charlotte Harbor Boat Storage
07 June 2014 | Anchored off Cattle Dock Point
05 June 2014 | Anchored just off the Ding Darling Park on Sanibel Island
02 June 2014 | Anchored near marker #7 in the Indian River
31 May 2014 | Anchored off Long Key just south of Fiesta Key
29 May 2014 | Tied to dock at Dinner Key Marina
28 May 2014 | Tied to dock at Pier 3, slip 3
20 May 2014 | Tied to dock at Dinner Key Marina
12 May 2014 | Tied to mooring ball in the Dinner Key Mooring Field
07 May 2014 | Nassau Harbor Club Marina
06 May 2014 | Tied to dock at Nassau Harbor Club Marina
02 May 2014 | Anchored off Black Point, Great Guana Cay
29 April 2014 | Anchored west of Big Majors Spot

Matecumbe Bight to Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

05 April 2013 | On a mooring ball in Boot Key Harbor
John/warm with intermittent showers
Down in the dumps on Jascat, John working on the starboard fuel tank

Yesterday, after a great sail from Matecumbe Bight we motored into Boot Key Harbor in the afternoon, and the engine promptly died. But more about that later. The reason we came into Boot Key was that the weather forecast was predicting rain and high winds to set in that night and carry through the next day. Sure enough, about 2am the heavens burst loose with thunder and lighting, and a sod soaking gully washer. The winds buffed us around some but never got up to dangerous levels. We were safe and secure on one of Boot Key's mooring balls so we got to enjoy the storm looking out the windows.

Now about that engine failure. The symptoms were exactly the same as happened two weeks ago in Angelfish Creek. After 20 minutes or so of steady motoring at cruise power, the engine died when the throttle was pulled back to idle. The engine could be induced to run again as long as the throttle was held above about half power. As before, this happened while running on the starboard fuel tank with the fuel level down to about 5/8's tank. After several nervous minutes spent drifting in a narrow channel, switching over to the port fuel tank got the engine back to running normally, allowing us to come on into the harbor and pick up a mooring ball.

So, the fuel cleaning, and the discovery and removal of a paper gasket in the starboard fuel tank a week ago didn't fix whatever the problem is. A phone consultation with Skip, the fuel tank cleaner, suggested a couple of other things to look at having to do with the fuel tank hardware, so I've spent today, between rain showers, working on the tank. Everything I can look at seems ok so I guess we are just going to have to live with the problem until we get back to Pensacola. Basically, we'll be running on just the port tank and refilling it from jerry cans when needed on longer passages.

I really hate leaving harbor with a system on the boat not working properly. Sailing safely is hard enough without having something else to worry about.
Vessel Name: Jascat
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105Mc (hull #1006)
Hailing Port: San Antonio, Texas
Crew: John and Ann Barton (and Sarah, part time)
We took our first sailing lessons in Seattle's Lake Union back in the 80's. Since then we have owned a McGregor 26, a Catalina 27 and a Catalina 36. Jascat is our first catamaran. [...]
Jascat is a fairly stock Gemini 105Mc (hull #1006). She has the factory option davits and solar panels. We have added air conditioning, a Standard Horizon chartplotter, Balmar 70 amp alternator and ARS-5 regulator, and a Lewmar windlass. Most all the lighting has been upgraded to LED's. The [...]
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Created 19 November 2010

Who: John and Ann Barton (and Sarah, part time)
Port: San Antonio, Texas