Pacific Odyssey 2010/2011

Follow the Larsens from Seattle to Australia and back.

14 February 2011
16 November 2010 | Australia
14 November 2010 | Ballina, NSW
10 November 2010 | Scarborough, QLD
02 November 2010
22 October 2010 | Brisbane
16 October 2010
15 October 2010
14 October 2010
08 October 2010 | Vanuatu
01 October 2010 | Noumea, New Caledonia
28 September 2010
28 September 2010
26 September 2010
25 September 2010
23 September 2010
21 September 2010 | Lautoka
19 September 2010
18 September 2010 | Musket Cove, Fiji

Housekeeping & Provisioning

20 May 2010 | Port Angeles
I have some foodie-friends (check out who cook up incredible meals, know just where to buy the right cheeses, and entertain for many as if they were having a nice relaxing afternoon. Thank Goodness I have these friends because everyone once and a while I get to eat really well. As a bachelorette I usually had an empty freezer, with just butter and some lunch meat in the fridge and I ate a lot of ramen, rice and beans. As a mom with three kids and also a husband who now has the time to eat with us, coupled with the reality of living on a boat, I've had to get real about cooking and provisioning. I think we've been eating pretty well so far. Here is our meal plan for the next couple weeks:
Breakfasts rotate between: pancakes and sausage with fruit, quiche with left over sausage and toast, oatmeal with nuts and yoghurt, pancakes with chocolate chips in them, dried cereal with fruit and nuts, scrambled eggs with bacon and biscuits, hot cereal with an apple cooked in it with fruit and yoghurt.
Lunches look like this: cold cut sandwiches with cherry tomatoes and carrot slices, chicken chili verde on tortillas and cantaloupe, ground beef chili with crackers and fruit, black-eyed pea soup, French onion soup, grilled cheese and tomato soup, lentil stew over grains.
For Dinner we'll be having: Tortellini with red sauce and green salad, 15 bean soup, left over chili with Mac/Cheese, Narsi Goreng, Black bean burritos and/or quesadillas with salsa, chicken with lentils and spinach, pasta and porcupine meatballs, and hoping for fresh fish.
For fresh supplies I have stored roughly 75 onions, 15 lbs potatoes, 30 apples, 30 oranges, 10 limes, 10 lemons , 3 ginger roots, 12 garlic heads, 5 lbs carrots, 12 leaks, 3 red peppers, 3 green peppers, 2 jicamas, 3 cantaloupes, 10 pears, 3 butternut squash, 9 dozen eggs right from the farm, un-washed and un-refridgerated, 3 bunches of bananas in various stages of ripe. We have very little alcohol on board as we won't be drinking at all while at sea, but we do have a couple bottles of wine and one bottle of tequila stored in the bilge for when the time is right. We also have a bottle of fine champagne that we will use to toast Neptune/Triton/Poseidon as we head out of the Straight of Juan de Fuca someday very soon.
Vessel Name: Jenny P
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian 33T
Hailing Port: Seattle, Washington
Crew: Eric, Christine and family
About: Sophie 10 Finn 7 Freya 5
Extra: After sailing in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years, we are preparing to sail to the South Pacific
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Who: Eric, Christine and family
Port: Seattle, Washington