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Bright Eyes
The search for bright waters...
You told us so but...

We miss you! We are definately noticing alot of our old sailblogs friends haven't followed us over to the new blog and we miss you, so to make it easier on anyone to wants to still visit us, I will occasionally log in here and post links (I am SUPER internet lazy, so I understand if you are too.)

For those who haven't been keeping up, we moved the takeoff date to Jan 2011, which is not far off and are busy getting ready to buy and install solar panels and dinghy davits. as always when we do something, much failure is bound to occur. See u guys over there

- Christine

09/22/2010 | Jay Gordon
Your other site takes forever to load. Links won't help.
12/01/2010 | Jay Gordon
Regarding your blog on 12/1/10-I don't have a blogger or google account ( and don't want one) so I will post here. Oriental has on dock. You can see it on Google earth at n35 1.492 w76 41.738. It has room for only two boats. I wouldn't bet on it being open. Also the large marine provision company whoose name I can't remember has literally been abandoned in about August 2010 I think.
04/27/2011 | Jay Gordon
Something about your blogspot site has changed and I am unable to access it at all. This has been the case for a month. Good luck on your travels.

Updates, Fun and Farewell

The engine is near completion, we are back at Herrington Harbour North, and we are having fun!

This will be the last update to Sailblogs. Thanks to everyone who follows and for all the advice we have gotten. Hope to see you on the new blog!

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We're Still Here
06/14/2010, Herrington Harbour North

Big News! We have moved back to Herrington Harbour North.

Visit our blogger page to find out why.

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Wild Wednesday

An eventful day of shopping, more engine work and one of the cats goes for a swim!

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We Are Lost Without LOST

This weekend involved the engine ofcourse, kayaking, and LOST!

To follow our blog click here

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Our New Blog Home
05/24/2010, Blogspot

After alot of consideration we have decided to move our blog to Blogspot. The site already includes everything that we had with this blog as well as some extras. As we learn how to use Blogger better you will notice even more improvements. The improvements you will notice right away are a better template, better organization of links, a blog roll, a survey, email subscription, and followers.

From now on all new blogs will be written at The next 4 blogs will also have a preview written here at Sailblogs and then Sailblog will act as a library for our old blogs.

We are thankful for all of the Sailblog readers we have and we hope that you will follow us over to Blogspot. The adventures of Bright Eyes are just beggining!


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