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Fun Stories with the Bright Eyes Crew

27 April 2010

So as far as work was concerned this weekend it was a minor fail. The secondary fuel filter was not changed cuz I couldnt get a grip on it. There is absolutley NO room in that engine compartment. I found out we have 3 zincs and 2 are unreachable. The third one I wasn't strong enoungh to remove with a wrench and didnt have a large enough socket. Off to the hardware store...

I did however remove the whole water pump after failing to change the water impellor from its normal location. This invloves just unscrewing things untill it fell out. Our friend Glen was a good help with this project and in the end I did not change the propellor. It looked fine (and I couldn't get it out). But now we know how to access it atleast.

I applied some silicone to our hull nicks and to the large Binacle Guard hole and that was it for work.

We went to Christines Moms house for a cookout and saw some good friends including Christines brother Jordan who was home from the Army. He is currently stationed in Iraq and it was good to see him home safe.

On a side story, while leaving the bar Saturday night, I was hit by a car. Not my car, but me! We were walking through the parking lot when another car took the turn to exit too fast in the rain and just put me on the hood of their car. I rolled over to the ground but got up ok. I am a lil sore but generally ok. I was more worried about Christine who was now very upset and wanted to punch the guy in the face. I love my protective wife!

Earlier that day we went over to the barn where there were new kittens. We found 2 kittens and could hear a third one stuck behind the stall wall. Trisha said it had been there for two days and they couldn't get it out. We are suckers for lil kittens and couldn't leave it there. After about 30 min we finally had lassoed its lil arm and raised it up from behind the wall. We left it with its mother that night to get some nurishment but then Sunday before leaving we had decided we wanted to keep it.

So our crew is back to 4! We are hoping that the lil guy will be a good boat cat as he will be raised on one. We think he is about 4 or 5 weeks old. Yes we know you arn't supposed to take them untill after 9 weeks, but we think he will be safer in our comfy blankets than with the stomping barn horses. We are taking it to the vet soon for a check up and to find out if its a boy or girl.

Back to boating we bought a new toy! We got a prop guard which is basically a razor blade around our prop so that if anything tries to get tangled (like ropes, lines and crab pots) it will just slice it right up and we won't have to dive down there or break our engine. I made the mistake of paying for the install on this one, there was a miscommunication and the guy just showed up and installed it. I didn't argue though cuz subconsiously I was enjoying the thought of one less headache filled project.

Luckily though I was there and squeezed some Deisel Engine knowledge out of him. We officially do not have glow plugs! Interesting because we had been holding a swtich on the starting panel thinking it was glow plugs. Turns out it was just the guage back lights. Smooth....

And finally the last of our 3 month project, the Autopilot install is 100% complete! OOOOO how pretty! Good work team!

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Vessel Name: Bright Eyes
Vessel Make/Model: 1985 Seidelmann 37
Hailing Port: Edgewater, MD
Crew: Joey and Christine
About: We are 24 year old office workers who plan to move on a boat and leave it all behind by cruising the CARIBBEAN! We have no sailing experience and no money. But those are just details right?! It's the power of the dream that matters so our adventure begins...
The vessle: Bright Eyes 1985 Seidelmann 37 LOA - 36'10" Beam - 12' Draft - 4'5'' Displacement - 13,900 lbs Water - 60 gal Fuel - 18 gal Holding - 13 gal Sails - Main - 140 Genoa Engine - YANMAR 3GM30 Diesel 24HP, 2199 HOURS (as of purchase date) Starter Battery - 60ah House [...]
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Who: Joey and Christine
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