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Bright Eyes
The search for bright waters...
Weekend Highlights

-possibly blew up our MOTOR
-used boat us towing TWICE
-prop guard DOES work since it cut our dinghy line which joey then had to swim to retrieve
-proved joey wrong - you CAN in fact sail backwards.

we're busy today, check back tomorrow for in depth crappy analysis.

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05/17/2010 | Jim
Dear Lord I hope you are a member of BoatUS. I hope the engine is OK, keep us updated.
05/17/2010 | Snoodle Time
Sorry to hear that. Hoping you get some good news.
Getting Settled In The New Marina
05/12/2010, Edgwater, MD

So our marina moved us out of that enormous slip and into a smaller one, a much smaller one. Tuesday we moved our boat to the other side of the pier into a 35 ft slip and immediatly felt out of place as our boats butt was hanging out 5 feet on one side and 8 feet on the other (yes the pilings are not even). Luckily tho this slip had electricty for us to plug into so we could recharge our batteries. We spoke to our marina manager the next morning and we finally decided on a slip. It still only 35 feet but it is in close to the main pier walkway so no boats will have to pass us and possibly hit us.

This still lead to difficulty tieing off as the back pilings are atleast a quarter up our boat. We will need to install an extra cleat on our traveler to act as a spring line. Also the wind was blowing hard Friday when we moved into the new slip. Once we got her tied off tight we went inside for drinks to finally celebrate our new resting spot. The electric company would'nt set us up till Saturday but we had a fully charged battery and decided to give our inverter a try. We plugged in our cockpit lights and they came right on, Nice!

Our new view is of the South River Bridge. It's not too noisy and is kinda pretty. It will do.

Saturday while Christine had to work, I drove back to HHN to pick up our dodger wings that were left at the canvas shop. I also had lunch with my dad and picked up an Outboard Engine! No more paddleing for the Bright Eyes crew! My dad's friend Warren kindly donated to us a 1972 Johnson 2 stroke 6 hp outboard engine. My dad's friend Billy gave me the run down of how to use and service it. We started it up and it ran just fine. Cool!

The rest of Saturday was errands and getting our boat back in living shape. Earlier in the week we saw crabs swimming around already so the crab pots got tossed in the water.

Sunday was Mothers Day so a Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there! We spent it at my Aunt Dana's getting good grub.

We are planning our first overnighter of the season this weekend!

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05/12/2010 | Ramon
I like your Blog and have also switched from Sailblogs to Blog Spot. I find it a lot more useful, more pictures, links and information; plus it's FREE. I follow on my igoogle page the blogs that interest me whether it be here or on Blogspot.

What got to write to you today was your dilema with dock lines. It depends on your spot and ability but I would consider backing in so you can tie off the stern at the dock and two lines to the probably already there cleat on your bow. It is still not going to keep you from drifting into the dock by spring lines to cleats on the fairlead track should help hold you out enough. Happy Sailing to you both.
05/14/2010 | Snoodle Time
That is about the best suggestion you could get. Using your traveler as a spring cleat is not really a good idea as it is designed for upward force, not fore and aft pressures. If you do back into your slip, an excellent tie off point is your jib wench, from you now forward piling.
Should We Stay or Should We Go Now

Ok readers we would like your opinion.

We would like a little more out of our blog like custom sidebars, google anaylitics, google adsense, map tracking, RSS feed ect...

Our current sailblogs account is free and does not offer any of that. We could get those features at other blog sites such as Blogspot for free. At Sailblogs it would cost us $95 a year. Our only concern is that we would lose our audience here and the sailing enthusiast traffic that this site brings.

So if we moved to Blogspot, would you still be likely to follow our blog? And do you think this is a good idea? Please be honest and all advice is welcome.


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05/10/2010 | Rick - S/V Godspeed
I've seen a number of people move to Blogspot. I rarely look at their blogs anymore. Sailblogs is an easy way to check a large number of sailing blogs.

My 2 cents.

05/10/2010 | Verena
I say go!! Make your own money rather than paying someone. We can follow each other on blogspot!
05/10/2010 | Wayne from Morro Bay
keep both, when you post a message on your Blogspot site, just post a quick message here with a link
05/10/2010 | Fordyce Eldred
Yes - just make sure we get the link. Question did you use back up charts on trip
05/10/2010 | Mid-Life Cruising!
I say make the move if you want to. We'll still follow you!
05/11/2010 | Jay Gordon
Stay. I'm not likely to goto a site covered with ads. It seems thought that you see blogging as a money maker and not a hobby so it is probably inevitable.
05/11/2010 | Joey
Fordyce: I'm not sure what your asking, but on our recent trip to the new marina we just used our new Garmin. We have paper charts available if needed.
05/11/2010 | Joey
Jay: It might seem like we are just looking for money after posting that last blog ad but I can assure you that is untrue. We do want to post some ads to help with our cruising kitty but that is not the purpose of this blog. We know those income numbers will be pathetic, and we could easily devote our time somewhere else to make money at a better rate. Which we do.

This blog is number one: a way to communicate to all our friends and family. And number two: A fun way to recap our adventures and share with anyone who will listen, a hobby.

One of the fun parts of this hobby is to be creative and entertaining. This is where we feel sailblogs is lacking. We know you might enjoy just the words and pictures we post and we are grateful for that. But we'd like to do more like add fun things to the blog and I love statisics personally. And paying $95/year doesnt make alot of sense.

We look forward to making this blog the best it can be and have as much fun with it as we can!
05/12/2010 | C
I say GO! Sailblogs needs to learn that if they don't keep up with the competition, then they will loose clients. $95 is a ripoff for something that is normally free. Additonally, I follow several blogs that have made the jump, and have kept their free SailBlogs site as a "Forwarding" site by simply posting a "teaser" post ending with a link to BlogSpot or Blogger. The "teaser" posts are basically just a Title with a few short sentences ending along the lines of "check out the rest" as a hyperlink to their other site.

I am sure if you look hard enough you can find other SailBlog sites doing the same thing.
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

I read about this from someone elses blog she says she makes like $100 a month just from other ppl signing up (referrals)

heres the concept, you log into your mrrebates account and shop at one of over approximately 200 online stores. It has alot of the majors brands you'd normally shop at. Each one has a percentage off next to it, and if you make your purchases while signed in, at the end of the month you get a check mailed to you with your savings. Instead of hunting for coupon codes online everything is in one place.

As a bonus, if you refer friends and they sign up and use mrrebates, you get 20% of their shopping and savings.

I signed up, lets try this out. Click the banner to sign up. Its free, and only takes a few minutes. They don't even ask you for personal information except your address to mail your check!

They even have with a 4% rebate!

I would love it if you would enter my email address as your referral. Its [email protected]


Mr. Rebates

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05/06/2010 | Jay Gordon
"They don't even ask you for personal information except your address to mail your check!"

They don't need to get anymore personal than that. Would you like to know how many things I could tell you about yourself just from your address? Prepare for spam. They don;t give away money for nothing
05/07/2010 | Christine
Thanks Jay, that IS a good point. I guess time will tell. I belong to several survey sites, as does Joey and and they send me emails regularly yeah, BUT ... we also get great gift certificates in the mail once we get enough points to redeem and we get to pick the place! I love it! I'm at work, I'm checking my email, why not get a little icing on my cake.

If it turns out that I am getting spam from this site, (I chose not to enroll in the newsletter) then I will remove this post.

05/07/2010 | Jay Gordon
The spam may not come from their site as companies buy and sell this info to each other.

Please read Crusing with prudence enties on 7/14/08 and 8/5/08. They drove people to a site hoping fopr money. The company got 3 weeks of attention from prudence readers and the prudence couple got nothing.
05/07/2010 | Joey
yeah I rem that experiment of theirs. they got kicked off cuz too many ppl were clicking on the ads for them.

we plan on adding adsense evenutally but will not encourage click abuse.
Goodbye Herrington Harbour North

Ok so alot has happened in the last week. On Thursday we got tossed back in the drink (thats cool sailor talk for water). Oddly enough they put us back in our old slip which we were allowed to stay in till Sunday. We had some dejavu walking down that long E dock and it was fun to see our dock neighbors one last time. We truely are going to miss the wonderful people at Herrington Harbour North.

On the last day on the hard I finally finished servicing the engine and it only cost me one finger. I got the appropriate tool to change the secondary fuel filter and that went pretty smooth, only spilling some diesel fuel.

The zincs were still a pain in the butt tho. There are three zincs on our Yanmar 3GM30. One on the backside in plain view and two that are more hidden on the side behind the fuel filter and fuel pump. After a second trip to the hardware store we finally had a socket that would fit, 15/16 of an inch! But alas I am weak and could not get the bolt off. Luckily Christines Dad Paul came by to pick up his ladder and lent me a longer socket wrench to give me better torque. So I went back down below eager to tear this bolt off and it came flying loose with the first pull. Unfortunatly this caused me to slam my own hand into the engine and smashed my pinky finger. I now have two dark purple fingers. atleast they are still attached! But it was all worth it as I slid in a brand new zinc to protect our engine. The other two zincs I deemed inaccessable and called it a day.

Friday and Saturday were spent cleaning up and getting the boat ready for her first sail of the season. We got our Dodger back from the shop. We now have all new glass so we can actually see through it while sailing. Also combined with the connector and the bimini it does a great job of protecting us from the sun and rain. Unfortunatly the canvas shop forgot to give us back the wings of the dodger, well now we have a reason to go back to HHN!

We put the sails back up with minor trouble. The genoa was tough to raise but I attribute that to my overall lack of strength. I really gotta hit the gym. Once we were all packed up it was time to start the engine. Can you guess if the engine started easily? Ofcourse it didn't! But I had the engine door already open eager with anticipation to solve any diesel problems with my newly acquired knowledge. After about an hour of bleeding the low and high pressure systems and tightening all the the hose connections we decided to try again. And viola she came to life! Let's get out of here before the sun goes down. We waived bye to Mark as we left our slip and only one line behind. Up the bay we go!

Our first sail of the season went as about as well as we could predict. We had to brush off a few cobwebs but we got right back into the groove of things. We turned off the engine as soon as we could and started with our favorite sail, the big Genny! We sailed downwind in peaceful quietness. The weather was predicting late afternoon thunderstorms and there was about 10 knots of wind so maybe thats why there wasn't alot of boats out. We were pretty open, cruising along at about 7-8 knots.

Kittens first sail, grab a line cat!

As the wind died down a lil we attempted to put up the main sail but we ran into trouble with the track. One of the track pieces was damaged and needs to be replaced so we just left the main down. After about two and a half hours of sailing we came up to the mouth of the South River. The wind was now pathetic so we flipped on the engine and putt putted the final leg.

It took us about another 40 minutes to go all the way down the South River to our new marina which brought the total trip to 3 hours and 40 minutes for 22 miles. We know, sailing is slow.

We would have loved to easily tie up our boat and fall asleep but that was not the case. Our new slip is way too big, about twice of what we need. This made tieing her up almost impossible and we spent the first 15 minutes just holding her in place by hand and trying to figure out how to reach the piling. Eventually we had to borrow a dinghy from another boat to tie off the back lines. Another problem was that the power supply plug is a whole slip over and our power cord won't reach it while letting us also access the finger pier. So we are camping again untill they can fix this problem.

We decided to reward ourselves with an overpriced dinner at Yellowfin.

HHN to Liberty

PS: We took our new kitten to the vet and she is very healthy. Yes it's a GIRL! So we have to scratch the name Cullen and think of a new one. We are playing with the name Nala.

Click For New Cute Kitten Pics

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Fun Stories with the Bright Eyes Crew

So as far as work was concerned this weekend it was a minor fail. The secondary fuel filter was not changed cuz I couldnt get a grip on it. There is absolutley NO room in that engine compartment. I found out we have 3 zincs and 2 are unreachable. The third one I wasn't strong enoungh to remove with a wrench and didnt have a large enough socket. Off to the hardware store...

I did however remove the whole water pump after failing to change the water impellor from its normal location. This invloves just unscrewing things untill it fell out. Our friend Glen was a good help with this project and in the end I did not change the propellor. It looked fine (and I couldn't get it out). But now we know how to access it atleast.

I applied some silicone to our hull nicks and to the large Binacle Guard hole and that was it for work.

We went to Christines Moms house for a cookout and saw some good friends including Christines brother Jordan who was home from the Army. He is currently stationed in Iraq and it was good to see him home safe.

On a side story, while leaving the bar Saturday night, I was hit by a car. Not my car, but me! We were walking through the parking lot when another car took the turn to exit too fast in the rain and just put me on the hood of their car. I rolled over to the ground but got up ok. I am a lil sore but generally ok. I was more worried about Christine who was now very upset and wanted to punch the guy in the face. I love my protective wife!

Earlier that day we went over to the barn where there were new kittens. We found 2 kittens and could hear a third one stuck behind the stall wall. Trisha said it had been there for two days and they couldn't get it out. We are suckers for lil kittens and couldn't leave it there. After about 30 min we finally had lassoed its lil arm and raised it up from behind the wall. We left it with its mother that night to get some nurishment but then Sunday before leaving we had decided we wanted to keep it.

So our crew is back to 4! We are hoping that the lil guy will be a good boat cat as he will be raised on one. We think he is about 4 or 5 weeks old. Yes we know you arn't supposed to take them untill after 9 weeks, but we think he will be safer in our comfy blankets than with the stomping barn horses. We are taking it to the vet soon for a check up and to find out if its a boy or girl.

Back to boating we bought a new toy! We got a prop guard which is basically a razor blade around our prop so that if anything tries to get tangled (like ropes, lines and crab pots) it will just slice it right up and we won't have to dive down there or break our engine. I made the mistake of paying for the install on this one, there was a miscommunication and the guy just showed up and installed it. I didn't argue though cuz subconsiously I was enjoying the thought of one less headache filled project.

Luckily though I was there and squeezed some Deisel Engine knowledge out of him. We officially do not have glow plugs! Interesting because we had been holding a swtich on the starting panel thinking it was glow plugs. Turns out it was just the guage back lights. Smooth....

And finally the last of our 3 month project, the Autopilot install is 100% complete! OOOOO how pretty! Good work team!

Engine Work
More Kitten Pics

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04/27/2010 | Allan Smith
Great entry guys. That's the stuff I want to hear about! I KNOW my destinations are going to be wonderful. Its the details I need to hear. I don't like the feeling that I am the only sailor that things don't run smoothly Keep up the great work....Allan
04/27/2010 | Carol & Livia Dupuis & Gilstrap
What a beautiful kitten! - Livia
04/28/2010 | christine
We would like to hear any names for kitten that anyone has. We were thinking Cullen, but would love to hear your ideas!
04/28/2010 | chad
Like edward cullen?

how about sharkbait?
04/29/2010 | christine
Yes!!! Like Edward Cullen. haha. Joey wouldn't let me name our new dinghy Twilight so this is kinda a compromise...

he better not be sharkbait. he can be fishbait though since that is probably the only way we'll ever catch one!
05/03/2010 | Joey
alright so the Vet says its a girl! so we need a girl name now...

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