17 August 2017 | Gouvia Marina, Corfu, Greece
16 August 2017 | Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece
15 August 2017 | 105 Nm south west of Corfu
14 August 2017 | 30 Nm off Italy's Toe
13 August 2017 | South East of Sicily
06 August 2017 | Msida Creek Marina, Valletta, Malta
05 August 2017 | 45nm NW of Gozo, Malta
04 August 2017 | At sea on passage to Malta
03 August 2017 | At sea on passage to Malta
01 August 2017 | Marina Sant'Elmo, Cagliari, Sardinia
29 July 2017 | Cagliari, Sardinia
28 July 2017 | Quirra, Sardinia
26 July 2017 | La Caletta, Sardinia
25 July 2017 | Cala di Volpe, Sardinia
23 July 2017 | Cala di Volpe, Sardinia
22 July 2017 | Bonifacio, Corsica
20 July 2017 | Bonifacio, Corsica
19 July 2017 | Porto Pollo, Corsica
14 July 2017 | Port Tino Rossi, Ajaccio, Corsica
08 July 2017 | Port Tino Rossi, Ajaccio, Corsica

QUASAR IV has a new Home Port

17 August 2017 | Gouvia Marina, Corfu, Greece
After getting up very early this morning and waiting a while, it became quite apparent that no yachts werte departing this morning from Palaiokastritsa Harbour so a new plan was required. Inflate dinghy, row Tracey ashore, row back, deflate dinghy, depart for Gouvia Marina! So this is what we did, Mark and I sailing the boat clockwise around the north of Corfu to Gouvia Marina. After an hour into the trip, I thought that I would call the marina to announce our arrival. Great news that we could get a slot for tonight, bad news that the marina was full for the weekend and no more annual contracts were available!! Not happy!! A quick call and email to the Marina Manager resolved the issue and we are now tied up on Pontoon O23 in Gouvia. Great scenery all around the island but no more sailing for a while until we get a few repairs completed.

We have finally reached Corfu!

16 August 2017 | Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece
We have finally reached Palaiokastritsa, Corfu, Greece, our home village and are anchored in Alipa Bay as the harbour is full at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to get a place over the next few days, failing that, the dingy will be launched tomorrow so we can at least get to our house and check all is well. We are all very tired this evening, so an exceptionally short blog entry I am afraid. I have been reading all of the comments tonight that have been made over the past few days - many thanks!

Just over 100 Nm to go!

15 August 2017 | 105 Nm south west of Corfu
I reasonably steady night last night with the sea picking up again this morning with a few large surprise rollers hitting us on the beam to keep our minds occupied. A couple of minor snags today. The dreaded Atlantic crossing water leak has returned again so I spent about an hour sponging out seven washing up bowls worth of sea water from under the galley floor. This sounds bad but we know the cause now. The wooden strip along the hull known as the rubbing strake is allowing water to get in through some screw holes when we lean over hard on the starboard side. This was rectified today by winding in some sail and slowing down, a bit unfortunate as we will now be getting into Palaikastritsa late tomorrow afternoon instead of lunchtime but hopefully with less bailing out required! This afternoon, Mark spotted that the 8mm stainless steel bracket fitted on the boom that connects our main sheet (the ropes) from the deck to the boom had sheared off on one of its two connecting points. This in yachting terms is what's referred to as 'pretty serious'....however, no problem for the adaptable crew of Quasar IV! We stopped the boat, rigged a spare shackle to the end of the boom, moved the main sheet to this point, reattached and Bob's your uncle, off again in a mere 20 minutes. It's probably stronger than the original fitting but the repair will need to be carried out by the boatyard at Gouvia as it's a fairly specialist repair. Apart from that....all is going fine, the sea is reasonably OK this afternoon, looking OK for overnight and we will hopefully be tying up in our village fishing harbour tomorrow afternoon at some point. That is of course if there is any room as there is only space for three yachts and pre-booking is not possible. I'll worry about that when we arrive.
Vessel Name: Quasar IV of Lleyn
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanlord 41
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, Hampshire
Crew: Graham and Tracey Kyte
About: Having made it to Gibraltar last August, now back aboard QUASAR IV to continue onward towards Corfu, Greece. Hoping to catch a few days on the various islands on route as well.
Extra: Corsica, Sardinia and Malta...here we come!
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/jollynomad/
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