28 July 2016 | Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, UK.
28 July 2016 | Viana do Castelo
26 July 2016 | Peniche Fishing Port, Portugal
24 July 2016 | Leixoes, Portugal
21 July 2016 | Viana do Castelo, Portugal
14 July 2016 | Puerto Deportivo Baiona
13 July 2016 | Ria de Vigo, NW Spain
11 July 2016 | Ria de Camarinas, NW Spain
10 July 2016 | La Coruna, NW Spain
08 July 2016 | La Coruna, NW Spain
08 July 2016 | 15 Nm from La Coruna, NW Spain
07 July 2016 | Crossing the Biscay Abyssal Plain
06 July 2016 | La Chapelle Bank, Coninental Shelf
05 July 2016 | The Western Approaches, English Channel
02 July 2016 | Turnaware, River Fal, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
29 June 2016 | King Harry Passage, Falmouth
27 June 2016 | English Channel abourd S/Y QUASAR IV.
24 June 2016 | Plymouth, Devon, UK
23 June 2016 | Brixham, Devon, UK

Cascais Marina

28 July 2016 | Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, UK.
We arrived in Cascais Marina, Portugal, yesterday. So why the late blog update? Too busy enjoying the place to sit behind a computer updating a blog! A really great place here, one of my favourites on the entire journey. Live music, excellent sea food, friendly atmosphere, very good marina, one of the few we will be staying in between here and Gibraltar; in fact, that's it, no more marinas between here and Gibraltar - too damn expensive!! Anchoring will be the name of the game for the next two weeks. Off to Lisbon by train early tomorrow morning to make the most of the day, see the sights, drink the coffee, etc and perhaps check out a tram ride or two. Watch this space :-)

The Sights and Sounds of Portugal

28 July 2016 | Viana do Castelo
Some great local dancing in Viana do Castelo earlier this week...

Peniche Fishing Port, Portugal

26 July 2016 | Peniche Fishing Port, Portugal
A long couple of days have passed since the last blog update, indeed, we are now 130 Nm further south down the Portuguese coast. Yesterday's 65 Nm trip kicked off at 5-30am and saw us motoring all of the way to Figuera de Foz due to a complete absence of any wind until 3 Nm from when we suddenly had 35 knots over the stern which sent us hurtling towards the port entrance at 10 knots which was rather interesting to say the least. I was so excited about taking apart the heads plumbing for the rear toilet that rather than wait until reaching Cascais, I decided to investigate further during the trip - very smelly, 'liquid' everywhere, no hatches openable during the job, net result, fixed! Cause of the problem? Absolutely no idea! Just took the pump apart, put it back together again and hey presto, problem solved. This morning's start was a bit later than planned as Tracey was suffering yesterday from suspected dehydration/heat exhaustion so needed some extra sleep and plenty of extra water intake. Mainly recovered by this morning, we set off at about 9-15am and headed for Peniche, another 65 Nm journey which at 5 knots takes a while, well, 13 hours to be precise! Studying the Almanac suggested that getting into the port in the dark would not be a problem and I had visited before albeit 8 years ago. Another day of motoring unfortunately due to lack of wind, yet again, not what was expected really. Still, here we are tied up in Peniche fishing port, an hour earlier than expected due to a big following sea, arriving just as the sun set, so great timing. The port office is closed until the morning so although we can get out of the port area, we cannot get back in, so an evening on board is in order. Tomorrow will be a slightly later start I suspect as we only have about 40 Nm to travel to reach Cascais where we plan on spending a few days to relax and hopefully get on the train to visit Lisbon. Rumour has it that there may also be some wind tomorrow......
Vessel Name: Quasar IV of Lleyn
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanlord 41
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, Hampshire
Crew: Graham and Tracey Kyte
Having spent over two months on Hayling Island refurbishing Quasar IV, we have now set off towards Corfu. So far, we have reached Falmouth, via our first Biscay crossing attempt which was cut short 50Nm offshore due to south westerly gales for a week. [...]
Extra: Saving is completed, let the planning commence!
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/jollynomad/
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