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Anchored off Isla Sisarga Grande
17/06/2008, Isla Sisarga Grande

Well, the old town was great, but it was time to leave. We set off this morning and headed west about 25 miles and found a delightful place to anchor in the shelter of the hot breeze called Isla Sisarga Grande. There were a couple of other catamarans there, but they soon left when we arrived (must have a shower sometime...!). We had the whole place to ourselves and had lunch on deck; stilton and brocolli soup accompanied by local bread and cheese. Shorts on, fishing rod out, but alas no fish, so plan B for dinner tonight, no doubt from a tin or two. A short stop here of two hours, and we were on our way again by 5-30 pm , heading further west.

La Coruna
16/06/2008, La Coruna

La Coruna has proven an excellent place to stop for four days after our Biscay crossing. Despite most of us being up for 20 hours or so on the last day of the crossing, we tied up in the marina in a 30 knot cross wind which proved quite troublesome, cleaned up, headed into the town and found a restaurant that did excellent sea food, and needless to say, followed by a few bars to check out the local 'Cerveza'. La Coruna has the oldest working lighthouse in the world, dating back to the Romans, which we visited and climbed to the top. It provided a fantastic view over La Coruna. Per chance, it was also the 800th anniversary of the light this weekend, so a big fiesta with fireworks was being held in the town which we attended. Unfortunately, the fireworks were not where we understood they would be, and we missed the whole show! Great meal though in one of the main square restaurants.... We found a good chandlery and have now repaired our chafed genoa furling line which only just survived the crossing, and we have some sail repair cloth now big enough to repair the mainsail tear (minor!). Tonight is our last night here and we are planning to walk around the old town which looks very interesting. No specific destination tomorrow, just leaving La Coruna to head for an anchorage before our funds for June run out!

Survived Biscay and arrived in Spain!
13/06/2008, Marina Coruna, La Coruna, NW Spain

We made it! Despite the fairly mellow seas most of the way over, we were met by a Force 6 gusting Force 7 as we arrived near the north west coast of Spain. A very exciting sail in towards the Dique de Abrigo breakwater which we rapidly took cover behind. Water was spraying all over the boat soaking everything in sight. We are tied up in the medieval quarter of the town near loads of restaurants and bars, lots of museums, and of course, the departure point of the doomed 1588 Spanish Armada! We will not mention this to our friendly Spanish harbour master! We have all been learning some Spanish during the last 5 days and are off tonight to test it out in the town. We are staying here for 4 nights to enjoy the town and yes, repair the boat! A few lines cut through, a ripped mainsail, and some minor scrape damage as I tried to moor the boat in the marina in 30 knots of cross wind! I guess I'll be repairing that scratch... So, that's leg one of our adventure complete and a major obstacle overcome in our bid to get to the Caribbean. We'll get some photos on the albums page if we get a chance, but we are all off out to relax now, so closing down 'BLOG Q4' for now.

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