18 August 2016 | Alcaidesa Marina, La Linea, Spain
16 August 2016 | Bay of Cadiz, Spain
13 August 2016 | Mazagon, Spain
10 August 2016 | Tavira, Portugal
06 August 2016 | Faro Lagoon, Portugal
05 August 2016 | Alvor Lagoon, Portugal
03 August 2016 | Sines, Portugal
02 August 2016 | Seisimbra, Portugal
28 July 2016 | Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, UK.
28 July 2016 | Viana do Castelo
26 July 2016 | Peniche Fishing Port, Portugal
24 July 2016 | Leixoes, Portugal
21 July 2016 | Viana do Castelo, Portugal
14 July 2016 | Puerto Deportivo Baiona
13 July 2016 | Ria de Vigo, NW Spain
11 July 2016 | Ria de Camarinas, NW Spain
10 July 2016 | La Coruna, NW Spain

What do you mean by a small rigging issue exactly....?

26 May 2017 | La Linea, Spain
As I sit here in the cockpit of QUASAR IV looking towards Gibraltar, I cannot help but remember the fantastic memories I still have of the friends and fun we all had back in my RAF days in the late 80's. I remember sitting in Bianca's restaurant in Marina Bay with an ice cold beer looking at all the sailing boats that had arrived from the UK thinking what kind of idiot embarks on doing that sort of thing in a 12 metre long plastic tub. Well I guess now I know! Work is progressing steadily with minor repairs, water tank decontamination, reinstalling safety gear on deck and refreshing my memory on the use of some of our complex electronic navigation kit as well as blowing the Saharan sand off the sextant! Top priority today was cleaning and washing everything so clearly the ideal day for the marina washing machines to fail! All quickly fixed by the excellent team here at Alcaidesa Marina in La Linea. Eric the Rigger arrived this afternoon to take a look at the rigging following the strange standing wave that built up on the forestay coming through the Straits last August and confirmed the rigging as loose and in need of tuning up. That was the good news.... There was then the issue of the deck fittings holding the rigging up not good news so we are to Frogslegs, a boat moored close by, to drink copious quantities of red wine and forget about it until tomorrow :-)

Getting ready to board QUASAR IV and head East to Cartagena, Spain

21 May 2017 | La Linea, Spain
The last couple of days here in Corfu have been very busy with preparations for returning to QUASAR IV on Wednesday. Ordering engine spares, topping up SIM cards for weather reports, printing out chartlets and extracts from Sailing Guides relevant to areas that we will be transiting through and generally reading up on Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Malta, none of which we have sailed to before. The journey is about 1,500nm (1,725 land miles) and will hopefully sweep in the aforementioned islands providing a few good breaks on the way. Before departing the marina in Spain there are a number of maintenance jobs to be done; check the rigging tension, service the engine, decontaminate the water tanks, service the gas installation, lubricate all of the winches (big job!) and, most importantly, ensure the hifi is working so we can listen to Pink Floyd on the long passages in the quiet hours! So I reckon that's about eight solid days of work. There will then be all of the other jobs that I have forgotten about and the repairs to things that have mysteriously broken since last September....No doubt a trip to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar via the Mediterranean Steps will be in order as this is great exercise and provides a superb view along the Spanish Coast towards Estepona. I am also certain that a few tapas 'runs' will occur, especially after a hard day's work. Out of curiosity, I took a quick look at the weather data (aka the 'GRIB' files) for the next week and note that the wind is indicated as an easterly, clearly not good if you are trying to sail due east....! Just as well there is work to complete on board before setting off. Mark T (Ship's Tea Boy) is joining the boat before departing which is a great help for the longer passages. I'll be updating the blog again periodically via the HF radio on board and it links automatically to a Facebook page called 'Quasar IV of Lleyn' for those of you addicted to Social Media :-) Just a reminder that I am unable to read comments on the blog whilst at sea but enjoying catch-ups over a coffee in the internet cafes.

Finally reached Gibraltar!

18 August 2016 | Alcaidesa Marina, La Linea, Spain
The 4am early start from the anchorage in the Bay of Cadiz paid off. Although very little wind, yet again, we reached the Straits of Gibraltar with perfect timing to pick up the maximum eastbound tide and current combination which, combined with sails, saw us heading through the Straits at 8.5 kts for several hours. Passing Tarifa the wind picked up to a Force 7 and stayed pretty much that way until we were well into the Bay of Algeciras so the sea was also quite lumpy but not too bad. Dodging the massive amount of shipping and super- fast ferries in the area whilst admiring the amazing views of The Rock and North Africa's Jebel Musa mountain...and taking photos...we reached Alcaidesa Marina next door to Gibraltar at about 7-45pm last night. A very warm welcome from the staff here and we were soon tied up with a great view of The Rock. My plan had been to stop here for four days before setting off along the Costa del Sol taking closer to Corfu. However....Plan B is now engaged. The late departure from the Hayling Island boatyard and bad weather delays for the Biscay crossing have resulted in us reaching Gibraltar over 7 weeks later than initially planned. The main cruising areas that we had been really looking forward to were Corsica, Sardinia and Malta, all of which we now have insufficient time to stop if we are to arrive in Corfu before October. I made the somewhat disappointing decision this morning to leave the boat here in Spain until next June when we will resume the cruise to Corfu, hopefully arriving in August with plenty of time to see the places that we had hoped to reach this year. So a few extra days here for Tony to explore some of the history of Gibraltar before heading back to the UK and a few weeks for Tracey and I to see some of Andalucia, complete some of the outstanding work on the boat for which there was insufficient time in the UK, then fly back to Corfu probably via the UK as the easiest option. I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog to date on this stage of the Corfu journey and for the next month or so it will continue with some shore-based updates on what we are up to, wifi permitting of course!
Vessel Name: Quasar IV of Lleyn
Vessel Make/Model: Westerly Oceanlord 41
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, Hampshire
Crew: Graham and Tracey Kyte
About: Having made it to Gibraltar last August, now heading back to QUASAR IV to continue onward towards Corfu, Greece. Hoping to catch a few days on the various islands on route as well.
Extra: Corsica, Sardinia and Malta...here we come!
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