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Jubilant Irwin 38
The good ship Jubilant and her crew.
Stripped Bass
Sunny Day
05/20/2013, Huntington Bay

32 inches and delicious!

More Skipper
Sunny Day
05/20/2013, On Deck

She looks so official in her life vest

Skipper The New Sailing Dog
05/20/2013, Everywhere all the time, she's a puppy

Under Sail
Wind 10 Knots
04/12/2011, Huntington Bay NY

It is hard to get a proper photo of your boat under sail.
Thanks to Danny for this photo.

Jubilant on a Mooring
Nice summer day
04/12/2011, Derring Harbor, Shelter Island

Been visiting here for over 20 years.
Where is my wanderlust?
Just know what I like.

Donna Paints Reg. #s
Sunny, again.
01/11/2011, NY Harbor, Hudson River

She's lookin' good
Steady hand.

Live well, eat well.
01/11/2011, In my tummy

I eat better onboard than I do in the mecca of good food, NYC.

Double Rainbow
Just rained
01/11/2011, Long Island Sound

Word are not necessary.

Northport Town Dock
Sunny, again.
01/11/2011, Northport NY

Forget Nantucket.
Northport has less tourists is closer.

Orient Light, "BUG LIGHT"
Sun Filled
01/11/2011, Gardiners Bay

Long Beach Bar (Bug Light) Lighthouse is located on the north fork of Long Island at the entrance to Orient Harbor. The lighthouse is situated on rocks just to the west of Long Beach Point (adjacent to and visible from Orient Beach State Park).

Rams Head Mooring
01/11/2011, Coecles Harbor, Shelter Island

Thanks to the
Rams Head Inn for the mooring.

01/11/2011, Shelter Island

Jake was a professional chef a long time ago.
He has not lost his magic touch.

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