North American Tour 2017-2019

From Portland, OR through Panama Canal to East Coast of USA and back via Caribbean, Panama Canal, and Hawaii

20 January 2018 | Off Guatemala
08 January 2018 | Chiapas, Mexico
08 January 2018 | Chiapas, Mexico
03 January 2018 | Huatulco, Mexico
01 January 2018 | Huatulco, Mexico
31 December 2017 | On the way to Huatulco, Mexico
31 December 2017 | On the way to Huatulco, Mexico
29 December 2017 | Acapulco, Mexico
28 December 2017 | Acapulco, Mexico
26 December 2017 | On the way to Acapulco, Mexico
25 December 2017 | Zihuatanejo, Mexico
19 December 2017 | Zihuatanejo, Mexico
19 December 2017 | Zihuatenejo, Mexico
12 December 2017 | Barra de Navidad, Mexico
11 December 2017 | Tenacatita Bay, Mexico
09 December 2017 | Tenacatita Bay, Mexico
08 December 2017 | Careyes, Mexico
07 December 2017 | Chemela, Mexico
05 December 2017 | Punta de Mita, Mexico
01 December 2017 | Puerto Vallarta, Mx

Hawksbill Turtle release

08 December 2017 | Careyes, Mexico
George Stonecliffe
The eco-turtle site at Careyes allows anyone to release the baby turtles safely into the ocean 2 days after they hatch during the month of December.. Eggs are gathered from holes dug by the adult turtles in October. They hatch after 45 days of incubation in a sandy hole, rest for 2 days, and then are ready for release into the ocean. The El Careyes Hotel concierge arranged a taxi to pick us up at Playa Rosa at 5:00 p.m. for the 6:00 p.m. activity several miles down the beach. The site attendant dug out 100 turtles from one hole within a sea of nests behind a net fence designed to keep out predators. After 10 minutes, as the sun was setting, George and Sue lifted each turtle out of the bucket and placed them on the sand facing the water. The turtles acted like turtles, slow to react, and seemingly dazed, not really knowing what to do--except for one that made a bee line for the water. He was the first to be swept away. We worked with all the rest to make sure every last one made it into the pounding surf on their own power. One other family with two young boys participated with their own bucket of 100 turtles. When ours were all gone, we helped the boys make sure all theirs also made it into the water. They were delighted to see our care and enthusiasm for the activity and welcomed our help corraling the little creatures. They were from Mexico City and spoke both English and Spanish fluently. On the other hand, George and I did our best to ask questions and understand the answers from the attendant who only spoke Spanish. After a nice dinner at the hotel we found our kayaks on the beach and paddled back to Julia Max in the inky night, following the anchor lights we had left on for our return. Someone turned on a spotlight towards the island nearby, a real help in identifying all the pangas at anchor outside the swimming areas. All-in-all an exceptionally wonderful experience.
Vessel Name: Julia Max
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Passport/Peterson Custom Ketch
Hailing Port: Portland, Oregon, USA
Crew: George and Sue Stonecliffe
About: Float Plan: July 1, 2017 Leave Portland, OR; head south along US West Coast; leave San Diego 10/29/17 with Baja Ha-ha Rally; go through Panama Canal 3/2018; Florida 6/2018; NYC and Rhode Island 7/2018; Chesapeake Bay 9/2018; Caribbean 11/2018; Panama Canal 3/2019; Hawaii 7/2019; home 10/2019
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