Haul Out 2009

I spent a couple weekends in April completing some haul out work.


Getting power washed:

Mmm... barnacles:

Finished sanding the bottom:

Finished the first coat of bottom paint at 8pm on the first day:

Grinded off the rusted spots of the iron keel:


Painted exposed iron with a heavy duty Rustoleum primer and then with the regular Rustoleum. Ideally I'd like to remove the entire keel, sand blast it, fair and smooth it out, then encapsulate it in epoxy or some other coating. I just did not have the time and money to complete that major overhaul.

The keel spacers I bought and installed almost two years ago fell off during that time. Instead of buying another kit, this time I bought some plexiglass and created my own spacers.

The keel all finished including a fresh zinc installed:

Final prep work included polishing the top sides four times to get her looking like new:


All ready to launch:

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Frozen Winter
01/24/2009, Cadle Creek

Over the weekend I went to go check on my boat. Temperatures had recently gotten down into the low single digits a week or so ago. I had never seen the creek frozen before, so I figured I'd go have a look for something to do. My boat was doing just fine; I just sponged out a tiny bit of rain water that leaked in. She's ready to just sit there all through the winter. Here are a few photos:






I can't wait for spring to come!

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Last sail of the year
12/27/2008, Chesapeake Bay

We had one final sail of the year. This past November and December did not have many sailing opportunities compared to the previous years. I only made it out once each month. Dave and my uncle Steve joined me for a day sail on the bay. It was nice on land with the temperature approaching 60F, but on the water it felt significantly cooler plus the wind chill. We had a nice sail and here are a few pictures.




Here is an update about my genoa. Within two days of receiving my sail through UPS using their account, Dan at North Sails Direct gave me a call with excellent news. They had a bad batch of thread when they stitched my sail and it was not holding up to the UV rays as it should have. Instead of re-stitching the sail, Dan had a brand new sail shipped out to me immediately! Two days later I had a brand new sail at my door. Two thumbs up for North Sails Direct, previously Cruising Direct; that was excellent service!! I am very happy with the outcome.

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