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Westsail 32: Kabuki
Getting Ready for our first voyage together.
Kabuki on the hard
09/03/2009, Norsand

As is typical for us on Kabuki, the weather turns to shite as soon as you even think about doing anything. Paul and I had organised for Kabuki to be hauled out at Norsand on Friday morning at 7am. We were going to spend a lovely evening anchored in the upper reaches of the harbour, then wake up early and motor over to Norsand for the haul out (all very relaxing).
Unfortunately the weather decided to rear its ugly head. With a forecast of 35 knot South Easterlies on Friday morning, straight into the haul-out yard, we decided to haul-out on Thursday night at 5pm.
The haul-out was a very smooth non-stressful affair. Kevin and Keith down at Norsand really know there stuff. Paul did a brilliant job of getting Kabuki up to the small piles/jetty that they have. Then Kevin took over, He is a very reassuring person, who explained everything that was to happen and made the whole process painless. We have hauled out on a cradle before with another boat, but it was a long time ago. Kabuki handled the process wonderfully, and she looked damned good sitting on the cradle at the top of the slip.
Her bottom was reasonably clean, and will be easy to anti-foul as we did a complete strip back of paint last year. This morning Paul and I wet sanded the bottom, it was really quite cold and windy. I was quite pleased to come home and get dry clothes on.The anode on our prop has been a bit of a worry as they were being eaten really quickly. Paul has been hanging an extra anode over the side for protection.
So now the work begins, hopefully the weather will play the game, and everything will go smoothly.......Yeah right.

11/30/2010 | Phil & Brenda
This is a test to see if we can actually communicate with you folks. Kabuki looks great. Wish we were going. How is the cabin sole holding up? First try with engineered wood below water line. Hope it wass a success.
Cockpit cover

Last weekend we put up the new cockpit covers. I made them using my old hand crank singer sewing machine, they turned out alright even if I do say so myself. Apart from that Paul and did not do much else on the boat. We are waiting for Friday when Kabuki is hauled out at Norsand for her yearly round-up. This year Kabuki is being hauled out at a slipway, this apparently is alot kinder to the hull than a travel-lift, but who really knows?
We are quite excited, because it means the move on to the boat won't we too far away. But it also means lots of work over the next 3-4 weeks to get Kabuki ship-shape.
Work has been good this week, but then it is a short week for me as I am having Friday off. I drive the Library Bus on Saturday, but it is only for 5 hours and it is quite a bit of fun doing it.
The Photo is of the new covers on Kabuki.

Life is strange

Preparation for the trip is still underway. I have finished the cockpit side covers
and started packing some of our stuff for storage. I need to buy some bedding for the boat, so that may be done this weekend.
This week at work I applied for 4 months leave without pay, I have been told by my Supervisor that it is very unlikely that I will get it. I sort of feel that they don't want to give me the leave because they don't want a job gap for 6 months. So this means I will have to resign, In some ways I am disappointed because I was doing very well with my job. I had found my niche....I think.
Oh well when one door closes another opens, who knows what will come next. I may have to diverge into a completely different career path.....perhaps
sales at Burnsco Marine. Or perhaps I could just be a bum, and live off whatever I can scrounge up.

The world is my oyster

08/29/2009 | Carleen
What a shame that some employers don't understand that valuing their staff comes in more forms that just a pay packet. Sometimes a bit of flexibility on an employers part returns a win win situation - a happy, well traveled staff member who has so much more to share in return for the retention of precious business knowledge and know how. Well, their loss.

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