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Kaimu s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran
Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
About: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
Recent Blog Posts
22 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
The double block with becket from Ronstan is model number RF51210 with a breaking strength of over 2 tons. I had incorrectly thought it was the next lower model which uses a 3/16" shackle, this one uses a 1/4" shackle and is much stronger. In fact, the block didn't break, it was the shackle and becket [...]
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19 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
More little details are on order, mostly from Defender Marine in Connecticut. There are other online boat supply stores now, shop and save. I did stop by West Marine, who is no longer as convenient, having closed their Pasadena store. Now it it a further drive of 10-15 miles to get to the nearest [...]
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16 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
The schedule 40 aluminum pipe was cut with the portable bandsaw to make compression tubes for the larger original holes in the mast. These were at the masthead, upper shroud attachments, and at the spreaders, bolting the spreader bases to the mast. My plan of putting the 1/2” stainless pipe nipples [...]
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07 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
The new bolts for shroud attachments came in along with a piece of schedule 40 aluminum pipe to make a couple of compression tubes for the larger original holes in the mast – 1” dia. These mechanical components of the mast will be assembled using epoxy and colloidal silica to set them and for added [...]
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05 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
I could not see through the mast from the masthead to the base. There was still something in there. More probing with long PVC pipes, flushing with a garden hose, and finally more foam was removed. Also a small section of the PVC conduit came out. It showed why the conduit could not be used, it was [...]
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02 May 2015 | Bodkin Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
Work continues. Capn Ed offered to buy out my half of the Bahama 24. Now I wouldn't have any commitment to restoring that boat and could continue on Kaimu's mast replacement. Ed now has 3 “free” boats to restore and sell. Perhaps he will keep one as his own.
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