s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
17 September 2017 | st marys, ga
14 September 2017 | st marys, ga
12 September 2017 | St Marys, GA
10 September 2017 | st marys, ga
09 September 2017 | st marys, ga
08 September 2017 | st marys, ga
06 September 2017 | st marys, ga
04 September 2017 | st marys, ga
30 August 2017 | st marys, ga
25 August 2017 | st marys, ga
18 August 2017 | st marys, ga
15 August 2017 | st marys, ga
14 August 2017 | Kohala Mountains, Hawaii
13 August 2017 | Volcano National Park, Hawaii
13 August 2017 | Wa'a Wa'a, Puna, Hawaii
13 August 2017 | Kalapana, Ka'u, Hawaii
11 August 2017 | Kalapana, Hawaii
04 August 2017 | Kahala, Oahu
03 August 2017 | Kahala, Oahu
03 August 2017 | Kahala, Oahu
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17 September 2017 | st marys, ga

Hurricane Immunity

According to the officials, we were without power for almost exactly 48 hours. It went out in the middle of the night a week ago and returned in the middle of the night the second night.

14 September 2017 | st marys, ga

Irma Photos

It seems the day after a hurricane is the best weather, blue skies, a little bit breezy, maybe it’s just the contrast with the horrific conditions of the day before.

12 September 2017 | St Marys, GA

Irma Update

No power, no internet. There have been many requests for an update, mostly by yardbirds who skedaddled to get away or hadn't yet returned to the boatyard.

10 September 2017 | st marys, ga

Irma Dwindles

After seeing the 0500 and 1100 NOAA updates to the progress of Irma, I decided to continue to hunker down and sit out the hurricane in the St. Marys boatyard.

09 September 2017 | st marys, ga

Bracing for It

It was 16 years ago on this date when I launched Kaimu in Norwalk, Connecticut, still unfinished, but able to motor and afloat.

08 September 2017 | st marys, ga

Final Approach

It’s not like I haven’t been through a hurricane before, nor Kaimu, nor St Marys, the big problem is going out on the highway to get away from the hurricane. The drivers. When we went to Jacksonville to pick up the mainsail, we encountered the local Jax, FL, drivers, and I commented to Dr. Ken, [...]

Got Gas?

21 November 2015 | Taylor Creek/Beaufort, NC
Capn Andy/Windy and Chilly
The plan to get underway hit a snag. One last task was to get the gas jugs refilled. I put them in the deflatable dinghy and dropped the handtruck into it also. The handtruck took a lazy bounce over the side of the dinghy and sank out of sight. I was going to hike up Front Street to the gas dock, fill the jugs, and bring them back with the handtruck.
I decided to row up to the gas dock. It was some distance and there was a brisk North wind holding me back, but I finally made it. There was no one tending the dock. A fellow at the adjacent snack bar said they are closed until May.
After asking around I found out the locals didn't want to disappoint, even if they had to fib a bit. One said there was another fuel dock the other way up the inlet about a quarter mile, it turned out that it was more like 2 miles. Another local said the marina at Old Town Yacht Club had gas and it was right on my way to Bogue Sound, it turned out they did not answer the phone and were probably not open.
The other gas dock was located the other side of the drawbridge going to Morehead City. I put the Honda outboard on the dinghy and proceeded to pull and pull on the starter to no avail. I had drifted away from Kaimu, near the little tall ship replica, and its owner was on board working on it. I rowed back to the catamaran and looked for starter spray.
The little outboard finally coughed to life using starter spray and it settled down, sounded reliable. Off I went toward the drawbridge. The outboard at full throttle won't plane out the dinghy, because the dinghy is a soft bottom design, at just over an idle we moved along sedately into the chilly wind.
At the gas dock I had to wait for a commercial fishing boat to gas up for his 454 V8 engine, over a hundred gallons of gas. Then it was my turn for 11.6 gallons. 37 bucks. It's almost like a monopoly. Gas in the stations at Morehead City is around 2 dollars a gallon. Inaccessible to us visiting boaters.
After returning to Kaimu and off loading the gas jugs, I felt exhausted and now it seemed like a good idea to wait a day for departure. The sun was getting low and a couple larger motor yachts were departing the docks at Front Street. Here is a picture of one of them about to depart.
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