s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
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12 January 2018 | st marys, ga

Bon Voyage Crawdad

The cold snap, which is the coldest weather I have experienced down here in St Marys seemed to persist longer than forecast, about a week. It has been freezing overnight and most of the mornings, temperature going down to 28 on successive nights. This is nothing compared to what people up North are [...]

02 January 2018 | st marys, ga

The Penguins Have Us

The coooold snap that is freezing us to death is only affecting the Keys a bit, maybe ten degrees less, so 50‘s and 60‘s instead of 60‘s and 70‘s, or 70‘s and 80‘s. The Keys and Bahamas are where to be in the dead of winter.

01 January 2018 | st marys, ga

Happy New Year Chart Wrap Up

It is Sunday, New Year's Eve Day, and I have come down with a cold. My chart work is finished. I can't imagine going outside to work on the hull bottoms now. I may run out of paper towels to sop up my runny nose.

30 December 2017 | st marys, ga


When THE COMPUTER GUY was talking to me about running shell scripts to convert old charts I had mentioned I liked to manually crop each chart and save it from the image manipulation program. Every chart. He looked at me funny. The shell scripts are ways to do a lot of that manual data processing and [...]

26 December 2017 | st marys, ga

Sir, Render

The procedure to convert old electronic charts in the tiled .pcx format to charts that newer nav programs can use involves bulk processing with shell scripts. The shell scripts I needed to use are located in a compressed archive called pcx2tif.

26 December 2017 | st marys, ga

A Walk in the Park

I had a couple of negative shopping experiences for the holiday season, both involved long waits for ordinary products. I wasn’t looking for quick shipping this time of year, but please, Amazon waited a week to finally ship a box of grinding discs and a roll of Gorilla tape. And that is just to ship [...]

BFB Test Fit

05 March 2017 | St. Marys, GA
Capn Andy/mild winter
The epoxy order was on its way so I used up the last little bit I had, priming the main hull’s decks and the bow compartments. The ama deck was primed and then I was out of epoxy.
I could do other woodwork, trimming gunwales with the trim router, rounding off the square edges, but keeping the square edges wherever the crossbeams intersected the gunwales. The inboard side deck coaming was rounded off on 3 edges to facilitate the fiberglass wrapping around it. The corresponding piece of wood on the outboard coaming was also rounded off.
The epoxy came in and I got to work, using almost a gallon in two days. The inboard side deck received fiberglass on a 3 foot section amidships. This locks the midships edge of the side deck so that the coaming can be lifted until the ends of the side deck are even with the bulkheads. The outboard side deck was totally fiberglassed, filling in the spaces between the previously glassed sections on the top side of the side deck, and the complete underside was glassed in one session. This took two days, glassing the top on one day and the bottom on the next.
The glassing of the foam core of the side decks was done in steps, first priming with unthickened epoxy, then troweling on epoxy thickened with microballoons, then laying the first layer of glass on top of that, then wetting out the glass with unthickened epoxy, then adding the second layer of glass and wetting that out. Whew.
It was time to cut the coaming where the crossbeams crossed it, so the boat was jigged together with clamps and sawhorses. The picture is of the boat after the coaming has been slotted for the crossbeams, with the hiking seat resting on the crossbeams. It looks like the outboard side deck will need spacers between its outer edge and the crossbeams. The plan is to attach the side deck to the crossbeams to support the weight without breaking the hull’s gunwale, where the side deck is attached.
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