s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran

Vessel Name: Kaimu
Vessel Make/Model: Wharram Custom
Hailing Port: Norwalk, CT
Crew: Andy and the Kaimu Crew
About: Sailors in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area.
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Recent Blog Posts
20 January 2018 | st marys, ga

Into the Monastery

Every once in a while I will look back at this blog of a year ago to see what I was doing then. I was wondering what the weather was like. It turns out it was milder, no surprise. I was working on the exterior of the boat and building the outrigger canoe.

12 January 2018 | st marys, ga

Bon Voyage Crawdad

The cold snap, which is the coldest weather I have experienced down here in St Marys seemed to persist longer than forecast, about a week. It has been freezing overnight and most of the mornings, temperature going down to 28 on successive nights. This is nothing compared to what people up North are [...]

02 January 2018 | st marys, ga

The Penguins Have Us

The coooold snap that is freezing us to death is only affecting the Keys a bit, maybe ten degrees less, so 50‘s and 60‘s instead of 60‘s and 70‘s, or 70‘s and 80‘s. The Keys and Bahamas are where to be in the dead of winter.

01 January 2018 | st marys, ga

Happy New Year Chart Wrap Up

It is Sunday, New Year's Eve Day, and I have come down with a cold. My chart work is finished. I can't imagine going outside to work on the hull bottoms now. I may run out of paper towels to sop up my runny nose.

30 December 2017 | st marys, ga


When THE COMPUTER GUY was talking to me about running shell scripts to convert old charts I had mentioned I liked to manually crop each chart and save it from the image manipulation program. Every chart. He looked at me funny. The shell scripts are ways to do a lot of that manual data processing and [...]

26 December 2017 | st marys, ga

Sir, Render

The procedure to convert old electronic charts in the tiled .pcx format to charts that newer nav programs can use involves bulk processing with shell scripts. The shell scripts I needed to use are located in a compressed archive called pcx2tif.

Boat Name and Logo

24 April 2017 | St. Marys, GA
Capn Andy/Warm Spring
The port outboard hull side received a coat of arctic white with a little dark blue pigment in it. I’m not sure how much difference it will make compared to the cabins and deck which are untinted. The crease in the hull at the sheer automatically creates a different shade of color between the cabin sides and the hull sides.
I applied most of the paint using a 3/16“ nap roller from Lowes. This left a surface with tiny bubbles which I hope will smooth out. Maybe not.
3 cups of epoxy was enough to prime the whole hull side, but it began to go off when I got to the stern and made a rough finish there that had to be sanded smooth before painting. Next time I will mix up two batches of 1 1/2 cups, one at a time. The paint is mixed in a small batch with about 5 1/2 oz. of total mix including 1/2 oz hardener, 1 oz reducer, and 4 oz. of paint. Mixing it this way for an entire hull side would be tedious, but I had to use my mixing measurers, ones that I know won’t dissolve in this paint, which attacks most plastics. A paper cup looses its bottom with it. So, I mixed a double batch of paint, or about 11 oz. which is a bout a cup and a half. It did not cover as well as the epoxy and I needed about 3 double batches to do the hull side.
It is reassuring that this hull side was the worst of them all and needed a lot of repair and fairing. Getting it to this point, only needed another coat of paint (I hope), gives me the feeling that this project does have an ending and it’s not as far away as I thought.
The internet DIY boat lettering people, http://doityourselflettering.com/, had sent me a proof with Kaimu’s boatname, hailing port, and the Wharram logo. I thought having the hailing port in gold would be better, but after looking at the proof decided to stay with black lettering. I had them remove the comma between Norwalk and CT and ordered the lettering. The logo goes on the bow, name and hailing port on the stern.

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