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Kaimu s/v Kaimu Wharram Catamaran
Capn Andy/cool, seasonal
15 November 2012 | Bodkn Inlet/Chesapeake Bay
When I began pulling the boat apart to work on the rot in the sternposts, I found more rot in the #4 beam. This was unexpected and not yet dangerous, but the beams are merely large balks of wood, easy to build, heavy, and not so easy to install. It looks like this will be a priority job following the sternpost repair.
Recently it was announced the Polynesian Catamaran Association magazine, Seapeople, has been archived at This is a wealth of Wharram catamaran information from the peak years of self built catamarans (so far).
The picture is of a downloaded copy of a Seapeople issue on a Kindle reading device.
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