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Rota and Babate

05 September 2008 | Cadiz
We had to motor to Rota as there was little wind again. The new canopy we had made to fit under the main is very useful at keeping most of the sun off without interfering with visibility and can be used when under sail - if that ever happens.

We only stayed a night in Rota, Steve was cross as they made us pay for a longer berth, he pointed out that there were lots of spare berths but they were not sympathetic and as it was late we gave in.

We set off the next morning for Babate as we crossed the neck of the bay of Cadiz we passed several boats with divers down. We passed the city with its golden-domed cathedral standing out as a clear land mark in the distance. Typically the wind was on the nose, a 4-5, if only we were going west. As we passed the Trafalgar lighthouse we thought of Nelson who came from Norfolk and went to school at what is now the King Edward V1 Independent school in Norwich. By coincidence I lived in the basement flat of Nelson House in Exmouth for a year when I was at College. Apparently Lady Hamilton lived there for a time. We skirted the worst of the Trafalgar banks where a number of warships were wrecked after the battle of the same name.

The marina at Babate was shut when we arrived so no shower and pontoon card so we climbed out and set off into town in search of food. It was about half an hour walk along a dusty, busy road into the seaside town where we had a Chinese meal and then as we were shattered took a taxi back, helped by a kind, young waitress who ordered it for us as our Spanish is practically non-existent.

The next day the wind was stronger and unfortunately coming from the east thus making a passage to Gibraltar a non starter. On chatting to the locals they reliably informed us it was the Levanter and would be 7-10 days before it blew itself out. We realised we would never make it to Almerimar in time for the flights home (luckily they were so cheap we could afford to lose them) so we decided to turn back and find somewhere secure to leave the boat until our return.

Vessel Name: kaivalya
Vessel Make/Model: Colvic Countess
Crew: Steve and Sue
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Who: Steve and Sue