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Bay of Cadiz

05 September 2008 | Cadiz
We set off back to Vila Real and decided to stop at one of the 5 marinas in the Bay of Cadiz.

Our first try was Puerto de Santa Maria up a river. We tried to raise the marina on the radio, then telephone and no one answered, so as there did not seem to be any obvious spaces we gave up and went on to Puerto Sherry. By now it was about 7.30pm but not really late for summer sailing. We radioed as we approached, a good tactic we find in Spain as they are less likely to send you away if you are on the door step so to speak! No answer again so we tied up at the visitors pontoon and Steve went up to the office which was shut so we decided to stop as it was getting late. We were joined later by an elderly gentleman on a Vancouver 28, we offered to help him more but could tell as he approached that he was an experienced solo sailor. He told us that he had just returned from his 5th Atlantic crossing and particularly liked the visiting the Azores. He looked to be in his seventies and still living life to the full, I can only hope we will be as fortunate with our health in the future.

The marina is a long walk from town though there are buses. There was little there but a few bars, restaurants and a small, expensive food shop. However we went for a walk along the road overlooking the bay and found a delightful bar with a great view of Cadiz lit up at night. There was a Moroccan theme to the d├ęcor and you could borrow a hookahs to smoke. I ordered a Caprinhrina and had to wait until the owner's husband returned to make it as she did not know how. It was about the size of 3 usual ones and served with wafer thin slices of Manchego cheese which was delicious. A very peaceful end to the day.

When Steve went to pay the following day at the office he was stunned when they didn't charge him!
Vessel Name: kaivalya
Vessel Make/Model: Colvic Countess
Crew: Steve and Sue
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Who: Steve and Sue